15 Jan 2016

It was a long time before our swinging life took off in a big way. We discussed that we’d like to invite others to share in our sex life because we have always had such a fantastic sex life and a very close and secure relationship since we met in 1980.

Once we joined Swingers Heaven in 2011 Gaz encouraged me to get on to chat and speak to people. I found it difficult because I was such a shy person. Those who know us now find it very hard to believe that I was ever a shy quiet person, and now we look back and laugh about it.

After such a slow start by 2013 we decided to have a break from swinging and gather our thoughts and talk about what we really wanted out of life.

Our first MFM experience led to a very full on and hot swinging life. What a change it made to my confidence and my whole being.

Mid 2014, I told Gaz I was ready to try again but to go slowly. I got on more to chat and build up confidence. We decided at this time that we would look for couples and single males.

In October 2014, Gaz was chatting to a guy one Thursday night who wondered if we would be interested in meeting. I used to let Gaz do most of the chatting for potential meets.

Gaz said, Ellie you need to come on here and chat to this guy, he is in Brisbane and would like to meet tomorrow night. By this time, I thought well if I don’t do this now I never will.

I got on to chat to this guy and it went well so we decided to meet in the city on the Friday evening.

Friday seemed such a long day, I was very horny, excited and nervous all in one. I really wanted this to work out.

I dressed in a nice mid-thigh length dress, with a zip that went all the way from top to bottom , put on white lacy top stockings and suspender belt, and my high silver shoes. It was so exciting taking a trip into the city to meet at a hotel. The idea excited me at the thought that other people might guess what we were doing.

Once we met in the foyer of the hotel, we went up to his room. He had bought drinks so he poured me a wine and he and Gaz sat with beers and we all chatted just to get to know each other. I sat myself next to our friend and could see that Gaz was getting a bulge in his jeans as he noticed I was being perved on while they were chatting.

Sipping on my wine, and feeling so nervous, every now and then I would pull the bottom of the dress a little further up, showing the lacy tops of the stockings. I knew he wanted to touch them and I wished he would. I could feel his hot breath and hear the heaviness of his breathing as he tried not to make it so obvious.

Time was wasting away and I wasn’t sure how to get things started. I had hoped he’d put a hand on my thigh to show he was interested but he was too much of a gentleman and had respect for couples and their boundaries. I knew he wanted to fuck and so did we, so, feeling hopeless and watching time waste away, I just piped up and said , “well, time is getting away so you guys had better come over here and be my lounge bitches…..get your pants off”.

The funny thing was at an awkward moment that really broke the ice, and without a second invitation both guys had their pants off within seconds as our friend reached for me and started to fondle and kiss my boobs. I lay my head in his lap and started to suck his hard cock and he put his fingers in my pussy. I moved onto my knees in front of him and by that time I was so hungry for cock and was sucking both of them, not knowing how to get more and more.

I sat on top of our friend’s lap and slowly sank down on his cock, Gaz behind, playing with my butt and my pussy while I was having my nipples sucked and kissed. My nipples were on fire and so hard with the feeling of a hot mouth on them and being caressed , male hands all over my body.

Our friend said I think we will be more comfortable if we move this into the bedroom and with that, and a pile of clothes left on the floor we went in to the bedroom and started exploring each other as soon as we hit the bed.

I had Gaz’s hard thick cock in my mouth as I was laying on my back being caressed and having my pussy licked and sucked, tongue darting in and out, and fingers being pumped in and out of my pussy by this stranger who had just become our new friend.

I turned over and got onto my hands and knees and Gaz did me doggy style while I was sucking our friend’s cock. Then I wanted more cock deeper in my pussy and deeper in my mouth, so I positioned myself sideways on the bed, and got our friend to stand behind me and fuck my mouth while Gaz fucked my pussy.

It was just awesome, having a cock deep in my throat and one in my hot throbbing pussy. The intensity of it built up until I couldn’t stand it, and I orgasmed over and over again, my pussy muscles tightening with each spurt of orgasmic bliss.

I had never had an experience like this and just could not stop and did not want it to end. I was like a possessed woman enjoying every moment of cock that I could get. There could have been an earthquake and I would never have noticed.

Laying on the bed after having one last fuck with both guys, we stopped for a break. The feeling that had washed over me was one of contentment and Gaz said I had the very I’ve just been fucked look in my eyes.

We lay on the bed talking for what seemed like ages, although I really wasn’t hearing much, I was in a world of my own, with both the guys stroking my body.

The night was coming to an end and reluctantly I got up to shower and get dressed. We said our goodnights, not goodbye because we all knew we’d see each other again.

As Gaz and I walked to the carpark I could still feel the cum from them both, mixed into my pussy, dripping down my legs with every step I took.

After that night there have been quite a few encounters with the three of us and a nice friendship still developing between us.

Since then, my confidence has grown and I am a strong determined woman who enjoys sex. It brought a whole new world of thoughts and imagination to me. It really surprised Gaz how I took to it, but more so me.

A few months later I told Gaz I was ready to have the same thing with a woman. We have a very good friend and we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so I invited her over. She had always been hot for me but I never responded so she just waited patiently.

She came over here and we played with each other on cam. Gaz came home from work to see my head buried in a very, wet pussy.

We all moved to our bedroom and continued playing as a threesome, but mainly us girls. I could not stop licking her pussy and brought her to several huge shuddering orgasms. She was the first woman to fist my pussy. Gaz sat at the end of the bed and encouraged her, as she had never fisted a woman before. She was amazed at the sight of her hand disappearing into my pussy and let out a moan and orgasamed right there and then before Gaz even got his cock into her pussy.

Life has been in the fast lane ever since. We have met and played with a lovely couple and have as many dirty weekends as we can with full on sex and debauchery and great friendship.

My bi side has really shone through and these days I look at mostly female cams when on the site

I still love cock as much but there is a special bond in sucking on a woman’s pussy and bringing her to orgasm.

It seems that 2016 is going to be a very busy year ahead for us. We have play planned definitely for Easter and October with a couple and are looking forward to meeting with a few other couples and a single lady in the very near future. Soon we are also hoping to start hosting some private parties at our place for special friends as well.