13 Nov 2019

My sister had a few friends over one day and we were young adults and still lived in my parent’s house. We chatted, played cards, and eventually decided to play Twister. It was fun and one of my sister’s friends was flirting with me a lot, so when no one else could see I used the fact that she was in tortuous positions and unable to move, to feel her up. I stroked the backs of her legs, inside of her thighs, and over her shorts around her groin and she was obviously getting very aroused by this. We eventually stopped playing and they all left, but as that friend left she invited me to her place to play Twister again. So the following week I made time to visit and when I arrived the Twister mat was laid out on the floor. When I prepared to start she asked if I wanted to play naked Twister, to which I obviously replied that naked Twister sounded like a lot of fun. We stripped and started playing, and this time we had much better access without her clothed, so we could caress each other and feel each other up. We also added new combinations and body parts to the standard Twister, thus adding new combinations like ‘mouth to left testicle’ or ‘gently bite right nipple’. Hell it was a lot of fun. We had a few hours doing this and eventually the Twister mat was irrelevant and we just went for it, fucking on the floor in a range of positions inspired by but not limited to the Twister combinations. She was very cute and sweet and we enjoyed our time a lot, though I always felt a bit guilting enjoying the company of my sister’s friend without her knowing!