Written by Sonya

19 May 2017

Husband works away for long periods at a time I usually just stay home but on this occasion my friends daughter was having an angagment party in a different town thinking I would be better to stay the night booked a room so after the party went back to the room had a shower and put on my nighty which was very see through I am 157cm 100kg 60yr lady still good looking even though fairly big then decided to order some wine from room service when the door bell rang not thinking went to the door in my nighty it was only when the young guy stared at me I realised and turned to cover up but tripped in my fish and fell the guy came to help me up and said do not worry you are very sexy and I won't tell anyone what I saw and he then left about a hour later the room phone rang and he was checking I was okay as he had just finished work and then asked if he could come to my room I said no I have never been with anyone only my husband he then told me I was very hot looking and should think about trying it as no one would ever find out I said no and we hung up after which I noticed my big nipples getting hard and my pussy feeling damp and was wondering if I should try it sometime as am alone a lot then the phone rang again and he said before I go are you sure as his wife was at work and he was well experienced I was getting very wet and said come now I waited at the door and as he entered he put his hands on my tits and was kissing me I just melted as it had been weeks he took my nighty off lay me on the bed and tongueing my pussy instantly there was no stopping as I was about to have my first orgasm in months after which he undressed showed me his hard fat cock and said you want this and I said please fuck me now he was gentle at first but the harder I humped the harder he rammed me I was in heaven after I came again he went to pull out to cum but I told him cum in me after we fucked in many positions during the night he asked me if I would like to try a threesome as I was an excellent fuck and I would love it all I had to do was stay another night after I thought for a bit I asked who with he told me his dad would love to fuck me and decided I gone this far why not that night when he called to say he was on his way with his dad I waited at the door naked and got a shock as there was three his father and brother inlaw another story but has turned me into a milf