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4 Jul 2011

Hubby's view, Thrown in the deepend. By pandaeyesy


8 minute read

Hubby’s view After some of the positive feedback received from our first written adventure, my wife, (pandaeyes), asked me to write some more about some of the things we have gotten up to in the past. I thought that I should tell about the first time I took her to an adult bookstore. We had discussed some of our fantasies during lovemaking in the past and it had helped us reach new heights in ecstasy. I had told her about a dungeon room I had seen in my travels and when I told her she would look good blindfolded and tied to restraining posts, she went all quiet. I thought that I may have gone a little overboard, and started to apologize for offending her. She laughed at me and said that the idea intrigued her. Panda was squatting on my cock at the time, she closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and started to grind down onto me with such force I thought that she was going to snap my cock off. Her pert breasts seemed to swing in little circles. The orgasm that followed was so intense that her pussy felt like it was sucking cum out of my balls before I had even climaxed. Needless to say she felt my sperm coating her womb less then three seconds later. Still in the throws of orgasm she continued to ride me till I softened and slipped out of her. Later as we snuggled, (me dozing with her in my arms), Panda asked me if I really thought she would look sexy in that situation. My heart skipped a beat. I was now wide-awake, all thought of sleep had gone. “Sure” I responded, hoping that I wasn’t over stepping the mark, we had experimented with blindfolds and ties before, (with a close friend , previous story), but never before in an environment where she had absolutely no control of the situation. Sure, I would be there to protect her; sure, I could hold her hand. Truth be known, if things had gotten out of control that is probably all I would have been able to do. I looked toward her and noted that her eyes were open wide; her breathing was rapid and shallow. She asked me to describe the room. I told her that the room was very small. It was very dimly lit by an ultra violet light, and that contained an x shaped frame with Velcro straps for wrists and ankles at the outer ends. She moaned and said that it would be fun to be strapped in and helpless. I told her that there was a door to the room, but I would have that open so that she was visible to anybody that chose to look in. It was obvious that she found this exciting as she shuddered and reached down, starting to play with my semi hard cock. Having cum so hard only ten minutes earlier she found that it was not hard enough for her to ride me again, yet. She moved her head under the blanket and proceeded to suck me into her mouth as I continued to describe what people would see as they looked into the room. I told her that she would have stranger’s hands exploring her body, pinching her nipples, and probing into her cunt. It’s not often that we use the c word. Panda thinks it can be a bit crass, but today it just seemed to make her hotter. She stopped sucking and climbed back on top of me. I felt my cock re-enter her pussy. What followed was another twenty minutes of orgasmic bliss. The following morning, I was awoken by my lovely wife bearing a scolding hot cup of strong tea. I dressed quickly and made my way into the dinning room. Panda sat at the table reading the newspaper, she smiled at me, but nothing more was said about the previous evenings activities. I thought that would be the end of that fantasy. We continued life as normal without any indication of what Panda really thought about what we had discussed on that particular evening. In fact it wasn’t till two weeks later, as I was preparing for a business trip, that the dungeon was again mentioned. I was leaving for the airport with my flight leaving in ninety minutes. Panda came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me. “I’m going to miss you” she said. We had planned for her to fly down and join me at the end of the month. Little did I know how much plans were about to change? She sheepishly asked me if it would be okay for her to come down a week early. I asked why, as I knew she would be bored shitless sitting in the company unit, waiting for me to finish work. What she said next floored me and nearly made me miss my flight. She explained that since we had talked about the dungeon room, she could not get the mental pictures, thoughts and possibilities of what might happen out of her mind. She had resisted telling me as she thought I would be upset and think of her as slutty. I laughed and told her nothing would turn me on more. It was then that she grabbed my cock through my pants and in a sultry hushed voice said, “I want to come down early… to be tied up… blindfolded… and have my pussy stuffed full of cock” The reaction in my pants left no doubt about what I thought. We tore at each other clothing and made love right there on the dinning room table. Her pussy was that wet that as I pushed into her, juices ran out around my cock forming a small puddle on the table. She wrapped her legs around me and grunted as she pulled me in deeper. I knew the taxi was about to arrive to take me to the airport, but the fire in her eyes told me that there was no escape till she was finished with me. Luckily neither of us lasted very long. We kissed passionately as the taxi honked his horn. I grabbed for my suitcase and pants as I headed for the door still doing up my fly. I knew my wife’s scent would obvious to the taxi driver. He just smiled as he helped me with the suitcase. The following week passed quickly. I tried to arrange as much of my workload as possible in the first couple of weeks, figured that it would stop me from missing Panda. Yer right.., each night visions danced in my head. I could see her tied and helpless, clothed and naked. Fucked and dripping. My mind had run through all the possibilities so many times that when I awoke in the mornings I wasn’t sure if it had already happened. Lucky for me I had work during the day. Panda on the other hand was an absolute ball of nerves. We kept in contact by telephone daily. I arranged a new flight for her. She would be arriving four days early. Lucky for us one of the major clients representative was called away to a family emergency. This gave me the next six days off. I had two days free before Panda was due to arrive. I was allowed to continue staying at the company unit and was given access to a company limousine and driver. All was going well. The first day I did the tourist circuit with the driver acting as my guide. On the second day he asked if there was anything else in particular that I would like to see. I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of the seedier side of town. He glanced at me in the rear view mirror and smiled. My guess is that it wasn’t the first time he had taken executives to that part of town. I had been there before but didn’t let on. I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind buying a toy for my wife, knowing that the adult bookstore we were about to pass was my target. He let me off and said he would continue driving around the block till I returned. I entered the store and sure enough it was exactly as I remembered. I spoke with the sales girl and mentioned that I would be returning in the next couple of days, was the dungeon room still downstairs? She answered indicating that it was. Great I thought. I was ready. As I left the store I remembered that I was supposedly buying something for my wife. I went back in, and grabbed the first thing on the shelf, some ben-wah balls, and returned to the footpath just as the limo came around the corner. He took me back to the unit and I arranged for him to pick me up the following day. Panda was arriving at 10am. He was to pick me up at 9am. I phoned Panda. She was exited at the prospect of being in my arms in less then 18hrs. I told her I was excited as well, both mentally and physically. I said that I had arranged for her fantasy to happen. Her reply was I was not to play till she had arrived. I laughed and said that was good by me but I would start to play as soon as she arrived…. At this point I will let Tara take over typing. Given the existing word count, she will start it as a new story,

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