3 Jun 2016

My wife and I got to our hotel room early, so we could relax and have a few drinks. We laid around drinking and playing about, chatting out this fantasy over and over in our heads. Before I knew it we had had a few drinks and were feeling a bit tipsy. My wife teased my cock whilst we waited. Before we knew it we finally had the knock on the door. It was all about to happen. My wife strutted over to the door, naked, peered through the view hole and just opened it.

On the other side was the guy we had invited after our Swingersheaven chatting.

My wife invited him in to the bedroom. In no time at all, she has her new "friend" stripped completely naked and flat out on the bed, she could not wait and she straddled over his erection. His cock was just mm's away from her excited and very wet pussy. As he fondled her breasts, she had her hand down between her legs and grabbed his cock firmly, positioning it at the glistening entrance of her pussy. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as she slowly drove down onto his substantial, bare cock, her pussy swallowing it completely and deeply up inside of her body.

I am always stunned at myself, the turn on, just how hot it is to watch my wife riding, fucking, another man, all the while knowing that I was going to be next, too ride her luscious form, too screw her creamy, very slick, very warm, thickly cum filled, cunt as soon as he is gone.