28 Sep 2015

I am a guy with a very high sex drive but not getting much at home from my wife due to her sickness. We still love each other and will stay together for ever. Some years back I even tried to convince her into swinging but she is never keen on that lifestyle. I had to think of an alternative as I was getting frustrated. My wife does not know that I get my desires fulfilled through other willing women/ couple. But I think it is important for me to get that sex on the side to keep my current relationship intact and lead a happy life.

A few months back, I was in touch with a lovely couple. I had been communicating with them for about a month and exchanged pics. Steve was straight and Penny was bi, both in their early forties. Steve was very straight forward and full of humour. Penny was gentle and adorable and I quite honestly liked the woman. She was 5'8 tall, average build and had some prominent assets on display. More importantly, she had this huge desire for a thick hard cock.

One night, we decided to go to the movies and picked up one for which there was the least crowd. Once inside the theater, Steve pointed to seats in a corner row as he smiled at me. Penny sat in the middle with both the men on either side. There were hardly 10 or 12 people in the theater, scattered all over. I was now beginning to get a bit nervous as I didn't know when I can start exploring Penny. Just as the lights went off, things started getting a little kinky with Penny directing my hand down her soft stomach and into her skirt. I stared at her face and her smile was bewitching.

I instantly got aroused and looked at Steve. He gestured with his head giving a sign of go ahead mate. He was playing with one of Penny's perky tits, sqeezing it gently. I could hear Penny starting to breathe heavily. As soon as I touched her dripping wet pussy, she started to moan quietly. The theater was empty but the sound from the action movie was blasting off. While I was rubbing her clit, she leaned over, started licking my ear and told me she wanted to lick my cock. I told her to go right ahead, as I maneuvered a little forward so that no one other than Steve had a real view of the erotica going on.

As I did this, she had already unzipped me and began licking the shaft of my rock hard cock. My fingers started probing her moist pussy walls and penetrated deep inside. I could feel her quiver and her slender legs close in intense pleasure. She switched to licking my dick head as I felt I was in heaven. She started deep throating me all at once, bobbing up and down, first slow and then really fast and again slowing down. Finally she just hovered, open-mouthed above my cock head as she jerked me off.

I was pretending to watch the movie, mostly so as to be inconspicuous to the people who were by now paying attention to us, As I pressed Penny's breast with my left hand, I came very hard into her mouth and some of which went on her face. I wanted to scream with the release but controlled myself, breathing heavily. Penny savored my sticky cum as she murmured "mmmm yummy."Just as I was settling down, I could hear Steve breathe heavily and I knew he was climaxing too. We stretched back and relaxed for a while as Penny wiped away the cum on her face. Then we walked out of the theater with the movie still playing, me in a slightly messy pair of pants, rewarded by a few stares.

As we got out, Steve asked Penny if we should go home and continue and Penny was nodded a big YES! Looks like we had turned her on enough and she wasn't worried about a big night. But I acknowledge that one of the best orgasms I have had to this day was at the movies. I thank this beautiful couple who have understood my condition and have come to my rescue. We pleasure each other and enjoy every bit of what life has to offer. It is a WIN WIN situation for both, strengthening our relationship at home further.