Written by Virgomale

13 Feb 2018

Recently the wife was away for about a week and I was feeling really horny after about one day.

I am on another site and on the Tuesday a lady contacted me and after a short discussion agreed to meet for coffee. Getting her to agree with a suitable place proved to be difficult on her part and then she hit me up and said I really want you to come here, meaning to her place. This sounded really promissing.

Went to her place at the prearranged time and was invited inside and she indicated that she was pleased that I had agreed to come here but she was only interested in meeting. Well after a coffee and a lot of general chat we were getting along like a house on fire. Finally I brokered the subject of sex but she indicated yes but really wanted to get to know me better.

Well I perserved for some time and finally she said ok it is so long since I have had sex and she really was starting to feel very moist down below. So we then headed up to her bed room where she striped off and I was not far behind and we were soon cuddling and touchy feely each other and before long I was plunging my cock into her hairy pussy which she was apologising for as she did not think she would be getting fucked. Well we kept at it for a couple of hours before exhausion set in, but she was happy that she had been screwed senseless.

Well after that session, had a clean up and was heading out when she said there can be no repeat as she was moving. I thought she meant locally but no away from Perth.

I was happy that I had been able to oblige and at the same time and was not so horny any longer.

Well Thursday came and I was feeling quite horny again and a much older lady messaged me and we arranged to meet for a coffee that afternoon.

The coffee meet went well and we then went for a drive and found a nice secluded spot where we had a bit of a play but she was not interested in outdoor sexual activity full on. Buggar as she had already told me that she needed to be home by 6pm. Well, as we were getting back into the car, she said can you pick me up at 8pm as she said that she really needed a good fucking.

8pm came, I was outside and she jumped into the car and we came back to my place.

Well the next three to four hours was just a fuck feast and she took my cock in all her holes. I had never done anyone anally before but doing her doggy style she said she likes anal and can I give it to her. I though buggar it go for it, I really thought it would be hard to enter her but she was so relaxed my cock slid in with no resistance. I fuck her anally three times that night and she told me that she prefers anal to pussy sex although she liked both.

I took her home about 2am.

In one week, two different ladies both great fucks and I am looking forward to meeting the second lady again soon.