Written by Stag

14 Jul 2013

My ex and I had a daughter together and she would drop her off to my place on the weekends. My ex had a BF and I didn't like him, so one-day when she came to collect our daughter I pulled her into the bathroom and started rubbing her up and kissing telling her how I wanted to fuck while her boyfriend waits in the car. Fucking sweet, I am up in her from behind over the vanity speaking filthy to her while I give her pussy a good pounding. I explode my cum deep inside and then turn her around and pash her and rub her clit.

We get dressed and get my daughters stuff together and I say good-bye to her. My daughter wants a hug before she leaves so I pick her up and walk her out to the car. My cock was still semi-hard in my pants and covered with my ex's juice as I put my daughter into her seat and then lean over the drivers window to say thanks to my ex for dropping her off.

It was such a rush to be right in front of her boyfriend, sweating a little smelling of sex thinking to my self I just came in her pussy two minutes ago you cucksucker. I made a habit of pulling her into my bathroom and filling her with my cum whenever she visited my place and he waited in the car. I loved waving good-bye to her while she sat in the car with my cum dripping from her twat and he had no idea.