Written by mech2750

14 May 2013

I used to frequent a place where there was some dogging, and the usual sex acts going on. You could always go there and get sucked off... I like being sucked off. It was predominately males there, but you got the occasional fem. I played with quite a few there. This one time, i pulled in there in my dual cab Ute, to see a male friend of mine there in his Kombi. So i joined in with him. We were playing with our cocks, when a car pulled up alongside of us. His tinted windows assured our privacy, so we just looked, only to see two young girls get out, then move in behind the Kombi, and proceed kiss and fondle each other. Both my friend and i are bisexual, so we were loving this show. The girls continued to the ground, rolling around kissing and dry humping each other. One had on a skirt, and the other jeans. The one with the skirt slid her knickers down, while the other just pulled her jeans down, to allow the other to get her hand in. They then were finger banging each other. What a sight. Both of us watched in disbelief, as this sensational scene developed in front of us. We were on our knees, on the camper seat at the back of the Kombi, watching out the back window, as these two young beauties made each other cum, while we were stroking ourselves to the same ending.

When the girls were done, they got up, dressed, and walked back to there car (about 4m from where they were). As they walked in between their car and the Kombi, i couldn't help it, i knocked on the window and said thank you. They looked quite shocked. We asked would they like to come in and sit down for a while, but they said they had to go. I had to try... right?

All i could say to my friend was "i don't think we'll see that again, and i'm glad you seen it with me, because if i had to tell you about this, you would never believe me"

We laughed, but that was about 6 or 7 years ago now, and we still talk about it..