11 Sep 2016

I have been away...

I was stunned! I’d been away for three days, and as I walked into our home, there was my sexy wife, stunningly, erotically dressed to excite. She looked amazing, wearing a lacy pink bra, matching pink lace panties, matching garter belt, black stockings and high heels. My eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets and my cock very nearly tore through my jeans. Three days without sex had made me horny enough, but seeing my sexy, scantilly clad wife, dressed so enticingly, nearly made me cum in my pants!

I threw down my bag at the door. I pulled Shona into my arms as I literally dragged her into our bedroom. I threw my lucious wife onto the bed, I didn’t even stop to undress her or myself. I spread her legs and dived head first between her shapely calves. Not only did I not undress myself, as I said, I didn’t strip Shona either. She looked way too hot to ruin the sexy image by tearing her sexy underwear off, so I ate her through her panty gusset, I was chewing at the crotch of Shona’s steamy panties. Through her panties, I could feel the radiant sexual heat, even taste the moist, delicious, lusting fluids from her excited cunt. Her panties were trying to protect her pulsing pussy and I experimented, using my teeth against her pussy folds, and my writhing wife nearly went insane!

She groaned and ground her panty covered pussy, lustily, hard onto my mouth, begging for me, to chew her even more. In breathy horse tones, she groaned at me, the sensation of my teeth on her pussy was sending her into sexual orbit, racing her towards her impending orgasm. Through the sweet moistened lace panties, I ate and ate, my wife’s sweet pussy. Those horny panties got wetter and wetter, both from her excited leaking lube and my drooling saliva. And when the panties could get no wetter, by the time they were absolutely soaked, Shona came...

She screamed out load, her body turned momentarily rigid, and then her whole body lurched and ground, driving on my face crazily. Her intense climax rolled through her, like molten lava, raging out of control. Her fists scrunched the bed sheets and she grunted and moaned deeply as each wave of flowing orgasmic bliss rolled through her sweating body.

As her orgasm relented, I pulled those delicious soggy lace panties off her body and held the gusset again to my face. Shona watched me inhale her sexual aroma, fascinated, smiling weakly, as I deeply breathed in her intoxicating pussy fumes, I held her panties over my nose and rubbed her warm moisture all over my face. I always really savoured Shona’s hot fluid scent, but after eating her to such a violent orgasm through her panties I found her strong aroma to be completely intoxicating.

As I breathed in her sweet womanly aroma, Shona now leant up and began stripping me naked. She pressed her lips onto my rigid cock and sucked on me like a vacuum. And after a few days without sex, I fed her a thick mouthful of scalding cream in minutes flat. Shona fell back onto the bed, after sucking me off, her mouth full off my cum. I dove into her again and burrowed my face into the real thing this time, letting her sexual warm dew wash all over my face. I enthusiastically licked her out, and then surprisingly, Shona had me put her soaked panties back on, asking if I would eat her off one more time.

And believe me, I did that. Through the thin fabric in the crotch of her lace panties, I ate my wife to two more screaming, thrashing, orgasms, that left her breathless and limp, her beautiful face, dreamy and sated. I now couldn’t help myself. I was excited and needed to cum agin. I dragged her panties off her body again. I held her panties again to my face yet again, I straddled her thighs and I stroked my cock over her body. Within moments, I hosed that sweet glowing face with creamy globs of my sticky spunk, my wife naughtilly rubbed my cream into her face and neck, like my cum was a expensive skin cream.

Believe me, that brilliant homecoming changed our sexual lives! We’re now working our way through all the things we can do with her erotic lingerie, and Shona still, to this day, goes orgasmically crazy, when I eat her through her sexy panties.