8 Jan 2017

I really love to eat another man's creampie from my wife’s sexy cunt and quite frankly I just cannot seem to get enough of her sexual sweetness.

I'd originally heard about "cleaning" up a wife and while my first reaction was "No way!" These days, I have found myself, eagerly eating her out. Shona and I have had a number MFM threesomes and in the past few years she's been letting the better known guy's, cum in her pussy. That's been a massive turn on for me, really for both of us. Shona really knows I love to fuck her cunt, flooded with sloppy cum. I'm not sure what has bought me into to this new stage, maybe it's because of hearing about it on this swingers site, but in the past several months I've really enjoyed eating the cum out of my wife’s ruined pussy after other men have fucked and flooded her. Just recently Shona was propositioned here on "Swingers" She met for coffee, found herself turned on, bought him home and Shona fucked the guy, at our house. I knew about him, though he didn't know about me and it was the actually the first time my Shona has fucked another man without me actually being nearby. Shona wanted me out, not to scare him off, and I went out till after she had finished with him and he had dropped a big load in her willing pussy. Now on her own, Shona excitedly texted and I then rushed home to find her on the bed, on display, legs wide open, and her pussy full of her newest friend's, thick fresh cum. I knew I wanted to clean her pounded pussy. After spreading open and playing with her stretched and reddened pussy I leant down, I wanted to smell their orgasmic sex. Lust just overtook me and I started licking, slurping and sucking her cunt, all the while I kept running my tongue lower and lower, soon I was lapping his cum, directly out of her open lipped, sloppy pussy. It was such a turn on, I became desperately excited and was moaning and sucking, opening her wide to get at more and more of her friends heavy cum deposit. This was the most cum I had eaten yet. I had several good mouthfuls. It was so erotic, the salty taste, how it was thick and slippery and how it all clung together in a thick creamy mass. I scooped up a tongue full, cupping it, drooling on my tongue. I leant up and kissed Shona, I let a long sticky stream drip from my tongue to my wife’s mouth, it dripped onto her tongue, we fought over the creamy mass, but I eagerly slurped it all back up, I swirled it around in my mouth and swallowed it all. I went down on her again and came back up with another big tongue full, this one I shared with my wife, Shona let it swirl all about as we shared it in both our mouths and tongues as we kissed. I went down on her one more time; Shona shuddered and had a huge groaning orgasm on my tongue. I immediately mounted and fucked her; I slammed her so hard and so wildly. In what felt like seconds, I mashed her cunt, I let go and plastered her pussy walls and cunt roof with my flowing cum. I eventually rolled off her body and we lay exhausted. I told her how hot she was, to eat and fuck. Later that day we talked about the whole afternoon, in fact it had really turned her on as well.

Her newest friend is supposed to come over in a couple of days, planning on fucking her and leaving right before I get home from work. I'm hoping they will fuck like they have been doing and that I'll be home just in time to clean up the fresh, sweet and sticky mess he leaves in her delicious pussy.

Does anyone else wonder why this is such a turn on for me, for us?

I'm not sure what to think of this fetish. Am I unknowingly bisexual? Shona isn't concerned, she says as long as out turns me on and it's not hurting anybody then just, lay down, eat up and enjoy!

But I've got to wonder about the psychology of that kind of behaviour. I'm not attracted to men, at all, but in a threesome situation I would park my face under my Shona’s pussy, whilst any and every man fucked her from behind. I would gulp, slurp and swallow, relishing every orgasmic, pulsating, throbbing drop, into my mouth.

In one month I have eaten 3 creampies, one from him and two of my own, I cannot wait to eat more...

Any response is welcome.