4 Jan 2016

I love to kneel in front of my man, to pull open his pants, to reach in and wrap my soft fingers around his hard and straining cock, staring upwards and into his eyes. I have him feel my hot breath trace along the smooth skin of his cock - a soft, warming breath of air that tells him that his pleasure is near.

I lift his cock and press it's warmth to my face, I roll his smooth, soft skinned and yet bone hard erection, over my lips and cheeks - a sweet, tactile, loving gesture of my submission and my building desire. I inhale his scent, the musk from his skin and it makes me ache below...

I run my tongue out and flick at the underside of his cock - short teasing licks which make him groan and move, pressing me for more. I wetly lick his cock all over, all the way down along his shaft to his full balls, back up and in circles around the head, making him ooze sweet precum onto my moist and grateful tongue.

Then I begin to suck him in, slow at first. Soft sloppy, squelching, sounds as I suck at his head - the sounds and sensations of which makes him groan, sigh and fill my mouth with even more tasty, sweet precum.

Finally I swallow him deep, sucking him to the back of my stretching throat, my soft red lips sucking firmly on his veined erect shaft, with my slut tongue lashing about, I am groaning, sending oral vibrations through the wet warm chasm of my mouth onto the nerve endings of his dick, which radiate to his balls, he grasps the back of my head and drives his beautiful cock into my throat, harder and harder, again and again, I am in heaven, I groan, my enthusiasm makes him spurt his creamy seed, pulsing rivers of thick hot cum, powerfully, from his swollen and pleasured cock, into my welcoming, wet and open mouth.

His cum splashes hotly towards my throat as I suck him in, wave after wave of powerful male orgasm, he is filling my mouth with his hot laces of molten sperm. When he is done with my throat, I finally pull my mouth off of his satiated member and opening my mouth, I show him his sweet thick fluids on my glistening slut tongue.

I feel the wonderful satisfaction of making my man cum , the intense orgasmic pleasure of his warm cum squirting into my sweet sucking mouth. As I kneel before him, I play with my mouthful of cum, I taste it, I present it out to him, for his viewing pleasure. The sweet ecstasy of holding all that cum in my mouth, my lover’s sexual essence and then swallowing it, feeling it slide warm and thickly, down my throat, I swallow it all, all the time I am staring lovingly into his eyes.

He knows I am totally his. His absolute lover, his pleasure nymph, his slut, his whore and his sexy cum-princess.

He knows his cock is in the right hands, when his cum is in my mouth...