4 Oct 2016

If I have been out on my own for a sexy afternoon, I usually like to wear no underwear on my way back home, but some new friend’s shoot so much cum into me, so many times, that I just have to slide them back on, otherwise all the creamy warm cum will flood out and go to waste. I would have no sexy musky sticky souvenir to bring home for my man, I always want to save him every creamy drop. I like to show off, LOL.

Many times we both go and my man loves to watch me fuck. But in the moment’s after I’ve been filled with another man’s cum, that is when my gorgeous man is at the absolute height of his sexual excitement. He has been watching every thrust of a new friend’s cock reaming and pounding my cunt, he’s been anticipating, ready and able to desperately fuck me, aching for that delicious sloppy second, and when he is finished fucking me himself, he will finally kneel me up, him laying under me, keen to lick me out, all that delicious warm and fresh cream, I love being pulled over his chest, to sit on his smiling face, to feed him all the creamy goodness as it runs from inside my sweating spent body..

My man loves it when I take control, and there’s nothing hotter for me than draping my well-fucked pussy along my man’s face and having a lover’s cum stream out of me, flowing thick and warm into my man’s open eager mouth. This is best done right after I’ve been well seeded and I am full of a fresh heavy load or two. I will take my willing eager man, any way I want, in our bed, on our floor, or on our lounge and there I will straddle his face. Laying my fucked pussy over his mouth, my pounded swollen pussy lips will open wide and let all the luscious semen drip out. I could simply kneel there impassively and let my man feast on the drooling cum in my pussy, but it’s so much hotter for him if I get into it. A little moaning and hip writhing goes a long way to excite him, but if I throw in a ton of dirty filthy talk and horny hip thrusting movements, it will look hot from underneath and feel way sexier to him, so I like to work some of that in too. It really seems to make the experience so much more arousing and satisfying for my man.

Here are some dirty talk examples:

“Does my cum taste good, baby?”

“Eat up all of that hot cum. Clean that creamy seed out of your slutty wife.”

“I want you to lick up every drop of my cum baby. Do a good job and clean your sexy wife’s pussy of those warm spunky juices.”

“Do you like licking fresh cum from me, baby?”

You get the idea.