10 Aug 2016

We were in the "Aarow's Club" couples area, last weekend. I was going down on my husband, was right into his perfect cock and we were both totally turned on. Feeling his fat tasty rigid cock in my mouth, feeling him grind my throat and moan loudly as I used my tongue on his shaft, had made me so damn wet. I didn’t care if he flooded my tongue and shot warm cum down my throat quickly. It would just meant he’d last a lot longer when I got on top and rode him to orgasm, myself.

Neither of us had counted on a stranger. The first sign, either of us had attracted additional attention, was when a strange pair of warm hands grabbed my hips, while I was in mid suck. A big and hard, wonderfully thick, naked cock, was thrust deep into my pussy and I squealed out, my husband’s cock slipped from my encouraging mouth, just as he was about to blow his sweet cum.

I was so surprised, I turned back to offer protest, but the fellow started fucking me so hard and so fast, I actually missed catching my breath. I was lucky I was already sticky and wet, as I’d been anticipating fucking my husband. I naughtily allowed my body to betray my sensibilities. Before I knew it, I was arching my back, I was moaning and I was cumming on his thick cock. And, the dirty bastard, right in the middle of my own knee shacking orgasm, I felt him drive in deep, mercilessly burying his cock into my pussy and flood cum shots, deep inside me. I found myself, slutily pressing backwards and grinding hard onto this new, unknown, swollen, rigid cock, I was determined to take his entire hot load, all the while I was looking down cheekily into my husband's eyes, who was enjoying my reaction and smiling back.

My husband winced, groaned and grunting hard, seeded me, his own cock erupted right onto my smiling, satisfied face.

My dirty minded husband made me wear his cum, all the way home...