Written by John

18 Nov 2010

On Tuesday afternoon my wife had just left for work and I thought I might go out the back and get some sun , I undressed and was walking around in my back yard naked. My cock was getting hard because I was sure the neighbour was watching me from her kitchen window, Shes a 23 yr old single mum whos a real nice friendly girl,I pretended not to see her as I like to be watched and I then started wanking . I glanced over again to see she had pulled her blind back and was watching my every move. This was making me harder and I was at this stage wanking harder and faster , This went on for around about 10 mins then I noticed that she had pulled the blind back and was not at the window anymore. A few mins later the phone rang , I answered it and it was her . She asked if it would be ok to borrow my step ladder to wash her windows for her house inspection on thursday . I said sure and within a few mins she was at the door , I let her in and we were talking etc , the whole time she had a cheeky grin on her face and I was very nervous as we had only talked on the drive -way before and never really had that much to do with each other , my wifes spoken with her more than I had . Within 5 mins of chatting she began to give off a vibe that she wanted me to fuck her , I still was hard from the wanking a few mins before hand. She all of a sudden lifted her skirt and asked if I liked pink panties ..giggling as she did it ! I moved closer and started to kiss her , fingering her pussy ...which was as wet as it could be . Things progressed and we ended up out the back on the porch fucking for about an hour , She had to pick up her girl from school so she took off . As she was leaving saying " Hope to see u again VERY soon " yummy I thought :) Hoping this will be regular and she has promised to keep it our secret .