Written by Your Toy

7 Jan 2013

We had been chatting on here for almost a year when our paths were finally able to cross.

You were travelling through and had a small amount of time to stop off to finally meet in person.

I told you about a quiet location and we met in the car park. I couldn't believe you were actually real and that we were to finally meet. It had been discussed that it was just a meet up with no expectations. I knew I wanted you but wouldn't push the issue until you gave a clear sign that it was ok.

We sat under the pine trees in the park. Being nervous I played with twigs and leaves while we chatted for a while.

You told me to play with something else. I responded with not wanting to overstep my boundries.

You said you would tell me if I did.

I moved in to kiss you - knowing that if the kiss doesn't feel right then the play won't either.

But it did feel right and my hands moved onto your body.

I needed to feel the body I had seen on cam so many times. Your body was hard as was your cock that I started to rub through your shorts.

My breath was taken away by your size. I needed to taste you and have you in my mouth.

As our mouths explored each others I unzipped your fly and slipped my hand into grab you.

so hard and big. I couldn't wait to have you.

I set your cock free and took you into my mouth. Tasting your precum and enjoying the sensation of finally having you in my mouth to pleasure. I could hear you moan as I licked and sucked you. Trying to take in as much as I could of your inches.

Your hands are on my body now and it takes my breath away to finally have you touching me. For months I have longed to have your hands on me, teasing and enticing me.

You move me up and pulll my dress down at the front to take my breast into your mouth. The feeling is sensational and I watch you tasting me.

I kiss you again and you suggest moving further back into the trees for more privacy.

Are you sure? I ask you.

You pull me onto your lap and grind your cock into my pussy. Kissing me deeper and harder.

I move my hips on you feeling your hard cock and longing to have you inside me.

You lift my dress up and feel my arse, squeezing it and pulling me down onto you.

Lets go you tell me.

I get up and we walk further back into the trees.

We kiss and you slide your fingers inside me. MMM so wet.

you lift me up off the ground.

My legs wrap around you. You are much stronger then I expected.

Your cock almost slips into me. I want you so badly.

You put protection on and pick me up again. sliding your nine inches deep into me. I groan with pleasure. Feels amazing to finally have you for real.

I move up and down on your cock taking in every moment of pleasure.

We are sweating in the heat and from each others bodies.

You put me down and turn me around bending me over to take me from behind. Grabbing my hair and pulling me back hard on your cock. I am so tight on you and your cock goes deeper into me, taking my breath away.

I stand back up kissing you again lifting my leg and sliding you back into me.

Your hips move quicker and harder pumping me. I feel myself cuming and my leg goes a little weak under me.

We lay down on my dress and I wrap my legs around you so you can fuck me hard on the ground. I like having the weight on your body pushing down onto me.

You tell me you are close. I want you to cum in my mouth. so you stand and I kneel before you.

Just as we had talked about. Just as I had imagined so many times.

You taste so good and I can't wait to have your cum in my mouth and dripping down my throat.

With one hand you hold my jaw open and the other pulls at your cock.

I grab your hard firm arse with both hands as you cum inside my mouth. Hearing you moan is such pleasure and long awaited.

I swallow you down and tease your now very sensitive cock with my mouth.

I stand, kiss you and thank you for stopping in to see me.

We dress, kiss and part ways.