Written by cody919

23 Apr 2011


It all started out on a warm autumn evening, My lady wanted to go out, so off to the shower she headed, then it was my turn, as I stept out of the shower. On the bed she laid long fair hair dangling over the side, naked, and pointing her finger in her mouth. “Put that cock in here”, It was flaccid, she sucked on it till it grew to enormous proportion. Gargling & murmuring sounds of delight, Her deep-throat technique was unequaled to any cock sucking woman I had ever experienced. I blew my cum deep down her throat, then proceeded to lavish her succulent cunt with a tongue licking that only I knew would bring her off in a screaming, thrashing, writhing orgasm.

Eventually we dressed in cloths that we could go into any fancy place, we set off. “Where to my sweetheart?” I asked. Anywhere… hey lets go to the beach” when arrived and wondered along the grassy bank till we came to a park bench, After sitting for a while, she whispered in my ear, “ What if I sit on your lap and we make it look like we’re just kissing but infact we are having a root, so in a flash she was on there, pulling down my fly and unbuckling my belt, hooking my swelling cock out in one swift movement, lowering herself down my now rampant shaft. Impaled not moving except the innermost muscles of her dripping snatch, with her jaw locked, teeth clenched, she went into climax mode, knowing that one false move would alert a lot of people close by. With her eyes swelling tears started to flow, she cascaded in a huge orgasm, Her pussy ejaculated hot juice which caused me to unload into her as well.

As I softened she pushed my cock out followed by our mix of cum and juice, the zipping and buckling me up, got off and we departed that scene as quick as we could ,running off laughing holding hands back to the car. As we drove darkness was setting in, she reached across kissed me then unzipped me bent down and licked & sucked our fresh love juices “ mmmm that’s one of my favorite tastes” she murmured. Into the city we drove, “Lets have a look at it from some of the hi-rise car-parks” my lady buzzed in my ear, still feeling the effects from our sea-side romp, so after two or three car-parks, hi on the rooftop twirling around lifting her dress leaning over holding onto the nudge-bar of a car, she said “Can you find another hard-on to fill my wet, hot pussy please?” With that I tested the water (so to speak) Her pussy was awash again, Unzipping I fisted up another bone for her, slipping it into her, reaming her cunt, then I pulled out lifted up and slowly sank it in her rosebud, with legs shaking, air escaping from her lungs, she let go a knee-trembling, gut wrenching bellow of another orgasm. “I’m not going to cum this time, I think we should finish off up at the soldiers cenotaph as a salute to them. With busting balls we departed, pulling up to pay at the booth, the man just gave us a huge grin & waved us through, as we cleared, we both started to laugh. He had been watching on the cctv Oh well I hope he has still got the tape,(lucky man)

We raced up to the cenotaph, luck was prevailing, over the rails we fucked again, another orgasm, we were on a roll, a brilliant idea, hey a lift, not just any lift the one at the International Airport, into the car again a mad dash a quick park into it we raced, Quickly find the lift, and between floors she hit the stop button, up against the wall I pinned her and slipped an over excited cock into her, a fiery quickie and both of us cumming, Alarm bells on the go, we restarted the lift, and down to face the music, deep-shit this time I felt. Oh No as the doors opened three officers standing there…. There was an old friend, He looked at me, Recognizing me, “I should have known only you would try a stunt like this”, My lady’s face was bright red, Get before your both arrested, Oh and by the way… The tape will only be used for training exercise”, he said smiling. We slunk off, holding the laughter till we got in the car and zoomed off.

Off to a Quiet spot in the hill for a drink to celebrate our good fortune, and something to eat, after all that I said to her” do you still have the energy for a car rocker hi on the hill top?” “OOOh yeah always got one more” was the reply, a bit of a freshen up in the rest-rooms, and off, parked up and bonking away to our hearts content,in the middle of nowhere overlooking the city, seat laid back, window open, Sounds of rampant sex in place, we didn’t hear the car pull up, Just what do you kids think your doing said a voice. Oh shit it is the cops this time, Busted for sure I thought, Shut the fuck up my lady replied and get your cock out and before he could answer she had unzipped him through the window and blew him till he came, yummy!! She quipped what an awesome sight it was to see, deep throat, The his partner came down to see if all was ok, a lady cop, my lady turned to and said, if you escort us back to our place at the suburb at the bottom of the hills I will give you a interview you will never forget, With that they told us that there shift was over, booked off and followed us home in there own car, and right there on the lounge floor in front of both of us men she licked, dildoed, vibrated and fucked her stupid with a monstrous strap-on till That lady cop had nothing left to give. Then proceeded to give us men another round of head-jobs showing off her talent of deep-throat to the lady cop. After we all had a coffee and told them of the nights events, the pair thanked us and left we showered all the sweat off each other and fell into bed falling asleep as we made love again.