16 Sep 2015

I am 42 years old Indian and live in Rocky Central Queensland. I met this wonderful Aussie lady Leanne from another website. She is from Mackay with a curvy body and a set of nice D size boobs. She is 52 years old and lives with her hubby but not in a happy relationship.

While browsing the website, I came across her ad. She was horny and looking for a male, preferably dark complexion to relieve her sexual tension but one who would be very discreet. I later found out that she was not getting enough from her hubby who was most of the days away. I responded to her with my pics, and assured to make her feel comfortable. We exchanged several messages and then our phone numbers. We were both very keen to meet up and Leanne said she will let me know a couple of days in advance.

A few weeks passed by. One Saturday evening, when I was checking my messages I had a pleasant surprise! Leanne said she would be free Monday evening and if I could make it. I jumped at the proposal and said "Yes". She gave me the address but warned me to be discrete. I asked her if I could get her a bottle of red and she said that would make the night lively.

I had some difficulty finding her place in the dark but eventually reached her home by 8:30 PM. With high expectations of a sexciting adventure, I quietly walked into her house. Leanne was wearing a laced red top and white skirt, showing off her smooth shaved legs. She was almost my height and had a shy smile on her fair face. Her smile was more evident because of the bright red lipstick. In total she was a pleasant gift package waiting to be explored. I gave her a hug as I kissed her on her cheeks and she reciprocated intoxicatingly closing her eyes. I gave her the Shiraz with a twinkle in my eye and she grabbed me and gave me the most amazing french kiss of my life. Our tongues circled and played with each other for a few minutes and the way she moved her crotch gently over my dick made me really hard.

Soon we were in her dim lit bedroom, sipping on our glasses of wine and laughing. It seemed that we were no strangers to each other and enjoyed the company. I switched on to more naughty subjects from the serious stuff we were talking. I stood behind her and gently started rubbing her temple. I then slowly started massaging her neck and back as she closed her eyes. Leanne seemed to be relaxed and responding well. I had got real hard by now and the bulge under my pant was easily noticeable. I sat next to her and started kissing her from her forehead. Our lips interlocked again and the sound of slurps filled the quiet night. Our eyes closed and hands started roaming all over. We were feeling every little curve and bulge as our hands explored the unknown. I quickly took off her clothes and mine and soon enough we were naked in each others arms. I rolled on top of her and starting caressing her boobs, one by one. I lightly pinched her hard nipples and soon she started to moan saying mmm yeaaahh........… Yes like that, please don’t stop hun please......… I was aroused and not in any mood of stopping. I started sucking on her erect pink nipples as my hand moved towards her love hole.

She was trimmed with light brown pubic hair down under which was great! I started planting small kisses around her pussy and licked her clitoris. Leanne was moaning like a horny woman on steroids. Soon I started to flick my tongue around her love slit and she starting responding with her hip movements making it easier for me to fuck her with my tongue. Soon I was able to bring her to a shattering climax while I tasted her juices. Our bodies were covered with sweat and now my dick was all ready, hard and pulsating to get into her throbbing pussy.

Suddenly, she turned over and got up on top of me. She held my dick, slowly jerking me off while kissing me all the way down. When she reached my cock, her face brightened up and she took a few seconds to admire its beauty. She seemed to like the hardness and my pre-cum glistening at the tip of my purple dick head. She stuck out her tongue and licked my dick all around, making it wet and hard and ready for action. While sucking my dick, she was looking at me and caressing my balls at the same time. She gave the best blowjob of my life, one I will always relish.

Leanne then got up, put on a condom on my cock and slowly started to come down on my dick. I had to force myself and push my hard cock in to penetrate her as she gave out a small shriek. As it entered her, she gasped as her pussy was being stretched so much by my dick. Once completely inside, I lifted her ass, and slowly started to move in and out of her pussy. The sound our slapping thighs was driving her nuts as she kept kissing me and shouting 'yes darl yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard baby, oh my god I love your dick in my pussy..... Harder baby harder mmmmm'

I love to fuck a white woman and I get turned on by just the thought. But here I was actually pushing my black cock into her pink pussy. I was ramming her like a possessed beast! We were both breathing heavily and letting out loud moans. I suddenly felt Leanne shiver and shout aloud 'Oh! Oh! Oh.' She had climaxed all over my dick making the bed wet with a combination of sweat and pussy juices. Soon i was nearing my climax and whispered to her to be ready. She screamed “ I want to you to come inside me, I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy. Please cum inside me baby please…....

All this begging was making me go crazy. I got out of her, pulled the condom away and pumped her again. With one last push I came inside her pussy and kept moving in and out till the last drop dribbled out of my cock! We were still breathing heavily and were totally exhausted. We lay next to each other playing with our bodies and kissing each other.

Then she took my hand and lead me to shower. We washed, played, fucked and again washed, played and fucked. By the time I left her house it was already early morning. I had fucked this horny Aussie lady 3 times on a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable night. Will we be meeting again? Yes, Leanne says she had one the most memorable evening in her life in my company and wants more!