Written by Hubby

7 Aug 2017

Well , my wife Sam and me (Hubby) were on our cruise (as I had mentioned last time I posted ) and we had been ashore on a tour around Airlie beach in Queensland , Sam had dressed in light easy clothing as it was hot (and so was she) when we are on holidays Sam often is more out going and carefree than when at home , and as such was getting the eye of many a guy around the town and quite a few younger guys were giving her the Milf eye even with right beside her , this was turning me and Sam on ,all be it that she was trying not to let me notice her lingering and looking in some shop window why a group of German backpacker guys were perving on her super cute bum and calling out something in German " Ich will ihren arsch ficken " the only word I could make out was definitely" ass ".

After a quick dip in the water down at the beach Sam left her shorts off and walked around in her bikini bottoms and a cheesecloth see through top under which she had the bikini top on we a bit of lunch and again guys were checking her out mainly husbands and some crabby wives ,as we were at a outdoor beach side cafe type place.

We were at a small boutique type place inside looking at a couple of dresses and stuff , when I convinced Sam to try on a nice sexy tight pure white Lycra clingy dress , and as she had damp swimmers on she had to take them off in the change room so as not to damage the dress , well there was this guy standing nearby waiting for his lady to try stuff on as well , when I walked up to the cubicle Sam was in and pulled the curtain back to see how the dress looked but held it open a bit longer than I should but the guy got quite an eyeful of Sam's fully naked ass as she bent down to take off the bikini bottoms and as she has a great shaped and toned ass you could easily make out her cute asshole and the back of her pussy lips (she has great noticeable cunt lips and as she gets excited they puff up a bit as well , she was surprised by my intrusion and as she straitened up and turned to me she was looking the other straight in the eyes behind me , then told me "close the curtain I haven't got it on yet .

After I closed it I turned around and just winked at the embarrassed guy who was quite red in the face (I thought he might of done the same to his missus as payback for me , but alas he didn't ) I however wanted to get Sam back to the ship and fuck the ass of her .

Later that day back on board ( with said dress ) we had another quick swim up on deck and a couple of drinks , Sam got a bit of a glow up , then we proceeded to have a shower in our stateroom and then Sam was going to get ready for dinner , I succeeded in talking her into wearing the new dress to dinner (as I knew my work mate would be on our table tonight, I think Sam may have forgotten about him or she just wasn't showing it to me (she still thinks I was not aware she got fucked by him the other night lol.)

I talked Sam into no bra that night as the dress just didn't suit it but I actually wanted her wearing panties as they were very noticeable as it was clingy and white and would turn heads everywhere , and shes not a no panties girl anyway .

Well as we were being ushered to our table the head waiter in the maroon jacket served us personally and made mention to Sam that she was looking beautiful in her dress and sat us down , making sure he got an eyeful of Sam's tits as he put her napkin on her lap , ( I reckon he must have gone and had a wank after that as we didn't see him till just as we were finished eating).

My work mate John joined us at our table for four ,but as he had no partner we had a vacant seat. any way John said his hello's and also commented that Sam was looking radiant and by now her nipples had hardened up somewhat and she was blushing a bit (either from her conspicuous nipples or the memory of John fucking her the other night ,im not sure which).

Now John as well as Sam both think I didn't see them fucking on the balcony the other night as I pretended to nod off , so they were both acting as if they had met once before socially.

Now on cruise ships , you are able to take your own bottle of wine back to your stateroom (but no other drinks ) so I asked our table waiter for our personal bottle and got John to do the same and as we were walking out I suggested a night cap in our stateroom to which he eagerly agreed to , now he knows that I don't mind him coming on to my wife and that I would be okay with him fucking her ( but just thinks I don't know about the other night) .

Well after a bit of waffle and chit chat about the cruise so far , we were drinking quite well and getting Sam to her inebriated self when all her inhibitions disappear , and I started to steer the conversation around and told John about the dress shop incident and how the other guy got an eyeful of Sam's butt (to which Sam was blushing now and her nipples stuck right out again ,because she knew that he got more that an eyeful as she was totally naked) I also let John know that Sam had no undies on at all as her swimmers were wet .

John said "wow, I wish I had been that guy" , "and you defiantly have a cute bum Sam " .

I got up and went for a leak and coming back put on some music turned a few lights off so only the bathroom one was showing light , and topped up there drinks ( I mentioned that I had had enough wine as I really prefer bourbon but are not allowed to have it in your cabin only room service ) .

I got Sam up to dance , got in nice and close and started feeling her ass through this amazing dress , and I kept rubbing my hand over her waistband on her panties and grabbing each individual ass cheek , Sam of course was trying to stop me from doing this in front of John , when I whispered in her ear that John probably hasn't seen an ass as cute as yours in a very long time , since his divorce and that here in our stateroom , who can really see and that I am cool with John getting a bit of a perv on the hottest girl on the boat , and afterwards when hes gone I'm going to lick that cute bum all night long , she playfully punched my shoulder but did not stop me squeezing her ass-cheeks.

I then stepped away and said to John "here mate you dance with this gorgeous woman , whilst I slip up top to the bar and get me a bourbon to bring back " and just proceeded to walk out .

Now why I am away (10 odd minutes ) I have no way of knowing what went on , but what I did know was this :

John knew he had my permission to fuck Sam

Sam was pleasantly drunk and had naughty sexy stuff happening all day (and knowing her well would have had absolutely drenched panties )

They had already fucked once in this very same room .

So I guessed they both would have been "hot to trot,as the saying goes".

Now after a couple of sips of my drink I topped only Sam's drink up this time (to give her courage to do what was going to happen soon)

I cut in and started dancing with her again , while John had a leak , and whispered in her ear " did John get a feel of that cute ass of yours " to which she answered " he might of had a quick feel or rub i think"," but what I did notice was his thingy was all hard and pressing up against me " and she giggled and said " I was a naughty girl, but you should not have left me alone with John "

I replied what else happened , and she said "nothing , don't be silly" "you know I'm not that sought of girl.....

When John came back he sat down at eve level to us , and I turned Sam around so her butt was right in front of his eyes and started grabbing her bum cheeks and also slowly sliding her dress up , so he could see her sexy white lacy see through knickers , Sam could feel her dress was up a bit but wasn't quite working out where he was sitting and what he could see.

I reached my hand down and around and started to rub between her legs and along her gash pushing her knickers in to her pussy crack ,and as suspected they were soaked .

Sam was fidgeting and sort of trying to stop me , but not very convincingly , so I slipped a finger under her gusset and my finger just fell into one very,very wet cunt , after fingering her for a bit Sam seemed to just go with the flow (literally) and was no longer trying to resist me and started to build to her first orgasm as I rubbed her G spot .

Just about then I pulled my finger out and gently just slid her very wet knickers down her thighs and down her legs , I stooped down and picked them up and threw them over to John (who was holding a super hard cock through his pants) and said "here mate have a whiff of these " he replied "fuck she must be wet these knickers are drenched in pussy juice"

I then proceeded to pull Sam's dress back up , I whispered In her ear " I think it only fair John gets to see what that guy in the shop saw today don't you " then I pulled both bum cheeks apart and said to John " Is this one good looking ass or what mate" .

His reply was to unzip his fly pull out his cock and say "ooohhh ffuuccckk" and stated wanking like a crazy man .

I had resumed fingering Sam , just to tease John I slipped my pinky straight into her little bum hole , and felt her have orgasm number two .

I slipped my fingers out and sucked all the pussy juice off , reached up and unzipped her dress , let it fall to the floor , turned her around and sucked both tits right in front of John .

Then we fell together onto our queen size bed and , I got up and dropped my pants , grabbed my super hard cock and waved it at Sam and said " I think your just about ready for some cock? " then turned to John and said "here you go mate , you do the honors"

"Are you sure about this" , he sad I just answered with " Do you want Johns cock Sam ? " "for Christ sake somebody just fuck me" ...

There's your answer mate .

John said to Sam , turn over I wanna look at that beautiful ass while I'm ramming my cock up that naughty little tight pussy of yours . (orgasm number three for Sam).

I walked around front and stuck my cock in my wife's mouth and let her suck me off , she's not a big lover of head jobs (me neither for that matter) but I think she just wanted to be totally filled with cock at that moment .

I couldn't take it any longer and pulled out and blew my load of hot spunk all over her gorgeous face , with it dripping down over her equally gorgeous pear shaped tits .

When I was done I walked around to watch Johns cock sliding in and out of Sam's cunt and then grabbed her ass and stuck a finger up her bum.

Johns reaction "ooohhh fuucckk I'm commming ..............."

Sam's reaction orgasm number four "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkk.

John pulls out and all his spunk starts to run out of her very well fucked sloppy wet married cunt , to which I lean over and start to lick up all the mess left behind , and John sticks his drippy sloppy still hard cock in Sam's mouth for her to clean.

As I am licking up the cream pie I just blew all over the sheets without touching my cock .

Sam slipped of for a wee and a shower , I grabbed her dirty sticky knickers and gave them to John and said "here take these to remember this night by , go back to your cabin and have a wank , whilst I slip into the shower with my wife and fuck her myself (if I can get it up again lol)

Well ladies and guys who have followed mine and Sam's journey into this lifestyle , its now all out in the open , although I quite enjoyed the game whilst they all thought I did not know Sam was getting fucked behind my back...