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J cums again

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4 min
Published 7 years ago
Hi everyone, So I hope you have enjoyed the stories from hubby. I know I am and it's doing wonders for our sexlife, which was nonexistent 3wks ago. I'm writing this before I tell him so that when he checks on the comments to his last story he see it. Well that's what I'm hoping so that our sexlife continues to get better. I love my hubby but sex had lost its zest and for years I've had very little while encouraging him to get it elsewhere. Now I encourage him to eat at home more. Anyway since J finally fucked me a few weeks back it has filled my thoughts, often as hubby is filling my pussy, and I wanted more. Today I was home and decided to send him a txt. "Home today. Enjoyed being your plaything. Need my day filled today any idea?" "Be there in 5," he replied in seconds. "So you want me? How do you want me? Wanna be your plaything ;)" " You are my plaything! Now get naked and be ready for me!" With that I got undressed and lay on the bed teasing my pussy while I waited for him to arrive. When I heard a car pull up I got up and opened the door. When he knocked I called out it was open and to come straight in. Which he did. As he entered the bedroom he was already getting undressed. But he still stopped for a moment when he saw me on the bed fingering my pussy. He was soon naked too and I could see his hard cock. He got up on the bed and once again shoved his cock in my mouth. I went to work on him using my tongue to please him. " you love being my plaything don't you" he asked. I kept sucking him and he asked again more forcefully and pulled my head off of him. I looked at him and said yes, as I did I noticed that I was enjoying him being forceful like this. He shoved his cock back in my mouth and then moved into 69 position and started to lick my pussy. Occasionally licking down to my naughty hole. I tried to stop him but to no avail and the more I tried the more he worked on it. Then he was just licking me there and between licks was teasing me with his finger. He was busily fucking my mouth. I was his! Then I felt his finger slide into me and he started to fuck me with it as his mouth returned to my pussy. I came very quickly as it felt amazing. J then sat up and climbed off of me. "So you like being my plaything?" "Yes" "You like me making you cum as I tease your arse?" "Yes" "You like sucking my cock?" "Yes" "You like me using your mouth to fuck?" "Yes" "Do you like playing with your cunt for me?" "Yes" "Do you play with your cunt thinking about me?" "Yes" "Do you think about me while hubby fucks you?" "Yes" "I knew you were my slut! Now get on your knees so I can fuck your wet cunt!" Fuck I loved this and yes at that moment I realised I was his slut. I got onto all fours and within moments I was being filled by his cock and he moved his thumb to tease my arse again. With his other hand he grabbed my hair and pulled my hair back. "Like me fucking your cunt?" "Yes" "Like being my slut?" "Yes" "Like me teasing your arsehole" "Yes" He started to fuck me harder and I was desperate for his cock. "I'm going to fuck your arse with my thumb while I fuck your pussy!" "Yes" "That wasn't a question. I was telling you what I'm going to do!" With that he shoved his thumb up,my arse and fucked me with it while also fucking my pussy. I was close to cumming. He kept going fucking me hard with both. I came again. He kept fucking me harder and faster. "My slut is going to get a pussy full so take it!" And with that he blew his load into my aching pussy. He lay on the bed with me for a bit not saying much. Then he got dressed to leave. Before he did go,he gave me one last passionate kiss before whispering in my ear, " next time I'm going to fuck my sluts arse!" Kissed me again and left. Now I can't wait til next time to be his plaything, but am nervous about what he said as I haven't done that before. For now I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope hubby does too when he finds it. Mrs Norty

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