Written by Paul

8 Mar 2013

Here is the next installment of Jenny's and my adventures.

I have been doing some interstate work lately so I have not seen Jenny for nearly a month, so I was rather horny.

After our last encounter went unnoticed we decided to keep with the same plan. Jenny's husband had been away as well so she was feeling the same way as I was.

When I got home I sent Jenny a message and told her I was ready to meet up.

Jenny was quick to reply and asked if I could meet her on the Wednesday. Having a few days off I said yes.

I got there early and I was soon met by Jenny. She was dressed in a very short skirt and a nice tight fitting top. As we were sitting and having a coffee Jenny told me that she had a surprise for me. We soon went out to her car and went to her house. When it was clear I went inside and instantly Jenny and I were all over each other.

I soon had Jenny down and lifted her skirt up and slid her g-string to the side to reveal a bold pussy. I looked up at Jenny and she told me that this was the surprise.

Seeing her bold pussy the only thing I wanted to do was eat it.

Soon Jenny was pushing back into my face and cumming rather hard. When she came she rolled off and started to suck my cock. I was hard in no time and Jenny then rolled over and sat on top of me, and inserted my cock into her pussy. As she lowered herself on to it I grabbed her hips and thrust myself deep.

Jenny looked at me, and I could see the lust in her eyes. We soon had a nice rhythm going and Jenny's pussy was on fire and felt so nice as she was riding my cock.

I felt myself getting close and told Jenny I was close to cumming, and Jenny told me to hold on as she was close herself.

It was not long and Jenny pushed down on me and orgasm ed. This sent me over the edge and I grabbed Jenny's hips and unloaded inside her. When Jenny calmed down she slid off my cock and the first words out her mouth were “oh shit I forgot the condom”. We both realised the mistake we had both made and I had unloaded a large amount of cum into Jenny's unprotected pussy.

I asked Jenny how bad it was and she told me that she was mid cycle and would definitely need the morning after pill.

We laid net to each other kissing and running our hands over each other and Jenny told me that was our love making was getting more passionate and intense. I agreed with her and told her I felt the same way. I said to Jenny that the thrill of the affair was that was making our sex so intense and passionate and she agreed.

At this point my phone rang so I left the room to answer it. It was my wife asking when I would be home, and I said not for a few hours. I then joined Jenny back on her bed and slid my hard cock back into her pussy.

After a while Jenny rolled over and I entered her from behind. Seeing that nice arse sent me over the edge and I burried myself deep inside Jenny's fertile pussy and unloaded for a second time.

Jenny and I showered and she dropped me back at the shops. Her next surprise was a few days later when she sent me a picture.

Jenny took a picture of herself when I was on the phone with my wife. This picture showed her pussy with my cum leaking out of it.