Written by Paul

15 Dec 2015

It has been nearly two years since Jenny and I have slept together, but that all changed yesterday. A little under two years ago Jenny and her family moved interstate due to Jenny’s husband being promoted within the company he worked for. Since she left we had a little contact through e-mail, but nothing too raunchy. Over those two years I have certainly missed the lovemaking Jenny and I shared together.

A few months ago it was announced that Jenny and her family were moving back as her husband had again been promoted at work and this job involved him managing a region of stores within our area. To say I was over the moon about this news was an understatement.

A few days after they arrived and settled we had a BBQ at our place with friends to welcome them back. Seeing Jenny for the first in two years had me thinking about the past very quickly. Jenny had not changed and looked just as good if not better than the last time I saw her. I said a quick hello as they arrived but decided to leave alone to chat to the other wives as not to attract any attention from others.

The evening soon wrapped up and we said our goodbyes, and when I gave Jenny a hug she whispered we would have to catch up for coffee to talk. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping that Jenny wanted to pick up where we left off.

The next day (Sunday) I received a text from Jenny asking me if I could meet her tomorrow. As I am currently on holidays this would not be an issue. So Monday (yesterday) came around and I dropped the kids off at school and proceeded to the shops to meet up with Jenny.

Jenny was waiting and I ordered a coffee and we began to chat. Jenny asked me what was up as she seemed to think I ignored her the other night and she thought I was no longer interested in her. I told her I that I had missed her and was excited she was back and I didn’t spend too much time with her the other night so no one got suspicious. I asked Jenny what were her thoughts and to my surprise she replied that she was super horny and wanting me right now.

Wasting no time we finished our drinks and headed to Jenny’s house. The drive there seemed to take for ever and I was hard the whole way.

Soon we arrived and hurriedly entered her house. We held each other and deeply kissed and as we passed through the kitchen I turned Jenny around and pushed her up to the bench, slid down her shorts and mine too and slid my hard cock into her pussy. Jenny pushed back and I slid in easy. Jenny was hot and extremely wet. I just grabbed her hips and thrusted away, Jenny meeting each thrust and grunting loudly. Jenny soon sped up and her pussy gripped my cock as she orgasmed. I couldn’t hold out and buried myself deep and unloaded into her hot pussy. Jenny then turned around and we kissed.

We then made our way to the bedroom losing the rest of our clothes along the way. We then lay on the bed and I began to rub Jenny’s cum filled pussy. Jenny commented that it was rather full and it must have been a while since I had had sex. It had been nearly three weeks so there was a lot of cum. Jenny reached over and began to rub my cock and soon enough it was ready for some more of that sweet lovely cum filled pussy.

I rolled on top of Jenny and guided my cock into her soaking pussy and Jenny wrapped her legs around me and we kissed. Jenny broke our kissed and said “I think it is too late to ask if you have a condom as I’m not on the pill”, and I replied of course not and we both laughed. Jenny’s pussy was very slippery and my cum was beginning to leak out of it, making it feel even nicer.

We continued to kiss and due to cumming earlier I was lasting a lot longer. I slid out of Jenny and rolled her over and entered her from behind and Jenny pushed back hard and told me to fuck her hard. I obliged and grabbed her hips and was really pounding her when her orgasm hit. This made her pussy hotter and wetter, so I knew I was not going to last much longer. I held Jenny’s hips and really began to pound her hard and Jenny yelled at me to cum in her, so this sent me over the edge for a second time and I buried myself deep and unloaded inside Jenny’s hot, wet, unprotected fertile pussy. I slipped out and lay on my back, than Jenny rolled over on top of me and we kissed deeply enjoying our embrace.

After a few minutes Jenny suggested we get some lunch and got out of bed and headed to the kitchen and I followed closely behind admiring her cute figure from the rear. We both stayed naked during lunch and the sight of my cum mated in Jenny’s pubic hair was a massive turn on. My cum was still slowly oozing from Jenny’s pussy the whole time and had begun to dry around her thighs. Soon after lunch and a coffee we made our way back to the bedroom and resumed where we left off.

Jenny rolled on top of me slipped my cock into her mouth and slowly begun to suck it. Meanwhile her pussy started to slowly slide up my chest until I grabbed her arse and stuck my tongue into her full pussy. I had never gone down on a woman before after cumming in them so this was a first. It was not as bad as I expected and her juices and my cum made her pussy taste even more sweet. I alternated between Jenny’s pussy and arse and each time I rimmed her arse Jenny let out a little sequel.

When I was hard enough Jenny moved forward and to my surprise slipped my cock into her arse. Wow it was sensational and she slowly rocked back and forth playing with her clit at the same time. Jenny’s orgasm was soon building and sure enough it came quick and she violently thrust down on my cock and shuddered. Jenny then slid off and I rolled her over and went back to work on her pussy until she recovered.

Jenny than pushed me on to my back again and mounted my cock this time facing me. I sat up and we kissed as our hips rocked. I worked my mouth down to Jenny’s nipples and sucked on each of them, this made her shiver. Jenny then pushed me down and took control moving up and down on my cock at a steady pace. Sensing my approaching orgasm Jenny demanded that I again fill her fertile unprotected pussy with my potent cum and soon enough it was on its way. I held Jenny down on my cock and grunted as fulfilled her demand. Jenny fell on top of me and we again embraced and kissed for a few minutes.

Jenny eventually rolled of me and we both knew we had to clean up. The whole room smelt of sex and the sheets were stained with our juices. We quickly stripped down the bed and showered before Jenny dropped me back at my car.

It has been a long two years without Jenny but we more than made up for lost time yesterday.