Written by Paul

27 Oct 2012

Since my last couple of posts received good feedback I thought I would share another story of another encounter I have had with Jenny.

We were at Jenny and her husbands house for a BBQ. There were a few other couples there with their kids. As the evening went on and everyone had a few drinks the atmosphere was relaxed. It was late and all the kids had fallen asleep in front of the TV. However the adults were still up and wanted to party.

Some of us decided to cool off in the pool, and most of the wives joined us. Soon the horse play started and the games commenced. One of the first ones was the shoulder wrestling. I had Jenny on my shoulders wrestling with my wife and another partner. At this stage I could feel the heat coming from Jenny's pussy. Soon there was only a few of us left in the pool and the dunking games began.

I was wrestling with Jenny when I reached around and stuck my hand down her shorts and rubbed her pussy. She turned around rather shocked and said not here we might be seen. We continued to wrestle and the random feel happened for both of us but we eventually got out. As it was rather late we grabbed the kids and left. Jenny asked my wife when it was ok for her to return the tupperware containers. My wife told Jenny that I would be home all day tomorrow as it was my day off.

The next day the kids went to school and my wife went to work as usual and I was home alone watching TV. I heard a knock at the door and went to answer it to see Jenny standing there. She was dressed in a very short and tight pair of denim shorts and a tight top, and she looked hot. I invited her in and said as spanked her on her arse as she walked by and said she was a tease. Jenny dropped the tupperware in the kitchen and joined my in the living room.

She approached my and told me I was naughty for giving her a feel last night, and then planted her lips onto mine. Jenny then stopped and pulled my shorts down and pushed me back onto the lounge and stuck my cock into her mouth. I was hard in no time at all.

Jenny was really deep throating my cock and her slurping sounds were arousing me. She had only been blowing me for a few minutes and I felt myself cumming. I grabbed her head and pulled it towards my cocks and I began to cum in her mouth. Jenny tried to pull away but I prevented her. When I had stopped cumming I let her up. Jenny gave me a dirty look while wiping her mouth and then told me she didn't even let her husband do that. I told Jenny the blow job was just to good, and Jenny told me I had to return the pleasure.

Jenny then slid her shorts down to reveal her newly trimmed pussy. Since I was last with her she had shaved some more only leaving a little strip of hair. It looked sexy. Jenny told me to lay on the floor so I did. Jenny then sat on my face and shoved her pussy onto my mouth. Jenny's pussy was wet and tasted sweet, and I began to lick her. Jenny responded by moving her hips back and forward. I reached around the her tits and began to rub them through her shirt. I then reached under her shirt and bra and freed her tits and went to work on them. Jenny was getting close to cumming and told me to finger her arse. I then inserted 2 fingers into her ares and this sent her over the edge and she came.

Jenny recovered and rolled off me. We were laying next to each other and Jenny lent over and kissed me and began to rub my cock. Soon Jenny was giving me a hand job and I was hard in no time.

Jenny reached into her handbag and produced a condom and rolled it onto my hard cock. Jenny then got on to her hands and knees and I entered her from behind. As soon as I was in her she began to push back. I held her hips and really started to thrust hard. Jenny was playing with her clit and after a few minutes came hard on my cock.

Jenny then pulled away and rolled onto her back and grabbed hold of me and guided me into her pussy. I again was pounding her and Jenny wrapped her legs around me. Since I had already cum I was lasting longer and after about 10 minutes of this Jenny came again. I told her I was close and would be able to cum with her on top.

I rolled of Jenny and we re-positioned with her on top. I had one on her tits and the other on her arse. I inserted 2 fingers up her arse again and Jenny began to ride me hard. I felt myself close and met her thrust and soon I was cumming and filled the condom. Jenny rolled off me, and I held her and we both kissed.

We both then got dressed and kissed again. Jenny told me that this was the best that she had felt in a long time and that she wanted this to continue. I told her the same and that I didn't feel so guilty as the first time. We said our goodbyes and Jenny told me we would have to meet up soon.