Written by Paul

25 Jun 2016

It has been nearly 2 months since Jenny and I had been together, that was until a couple of weeks ago and my head is still spinning. Last time we were with each other the sex went to a new level and since that time we had exchanged numerous texts, e-mails and phone calls, some of them explicit trying to arrange another time to meet. We have both been busy at work and it took a while to arrange a day we both had off. As that day approached time seemed to slow right down as the anticipation of what would occur this time was driving me wild.

The day finally came and I waited until I received a message that Jenny was home after dropping the kids at school. I left right away and arrived quickly and when Jenny answered the door she was dressed in a short skirt and a revealing top. Soon enough we were all over each other kissing deeply and groping each other. My hand moved up the skirt to her lacy G-string and found its way to her pussy. Jenny’s pussy was again fully shaved and extremely wet. Soon enough Jenny was beginning to buck against my hand and we moved towards the room and was happened next still has my head spinning.

We moved into the bedroom still kissing and groping, and Jenny broke the kiss and moved to her bed side draw and pulled out a condom handing it to me saying “We might need to use this”. I questioned her with the word “might?’. Jenny then produced a pregnancy test kit saying “I am a little late, and our last time we were not exactly careful were we now”. We moved to the on suite and Jenny peed on the stick. It didn’t take long and a positive result appeared.

We just looked at each other and both grabbed one another and started to kiss deeply and passionately moving back to the bed. Not a word was said as we lay onto the bed. I lifted Jenny’s skirt and ripped off her G-string and pushed down my pants. I moved between Jenny’s open legs and inserted my hard cock into her soaking pussy as we continued to kiss. Jenny was moving to meet my thrusts and her pussy was on fire. Jenny was first to cum and when she did her pussy gripped me tight and it took all my will power not to follow suit. I withdrew and we continued to kiss. Jenny then rolled on top of me and slid my cock back into her pussy and immediately thrust herself down hard on it. She didn’t waste any time and was moving her hips at a fast and meaningful pace. I felt myself approaching orgasm very quickly so I grabbed Jenny’s hips and thrust and soon enough with my cock buried deep in Jenny’s pussy I unloaded filling it. Jenny then lay on me and we kissed and Jenny broke the kissed and said those words “I love you”. Wow what was my response, well I planted my lips onto Jenny’s and passionately kissed her. When I this time broke the kiss I said the same words back to Jenny.

We then rolled onto our sides and continued to kiss and fondle each other. I knew I was putting off the inevitable and told Jenny we needed to talk. Jenny started with saying that she wanted the baby, and I was glad she did as I was just as excited, but we would continue this conversation later.

The kissing and fondling had the effect and I became hard again, so I began to rub Jenny’s cum filled pussy. Jenny responded with a moan and then she moved down to my cock and wrapped her velvet lips around it and just worked the head. Jenny then changed positions until she was on top with her pussy in my face so we ended up in a 69. Wow, Jenny’s pussy was overflowing with my cum as I was eating her and by now Jenny was deep throating my cock. Jenny began to move her hips up and down as her orgasm approached and soon enough it hit hard with Jenny smashing her pussy back onto my face as she came.

Jenny then rolled over and stuck her arse in the air, needing no further invitation I positioned myself behind her and slid into her arse. I moved one hand to her tits and the other to her pussy and inserted three fingers. I could feel my cock through the thin wall of her anus as I moved in and out. This continued for a few more minutes until Jenny told me to put my cock into her pussy. I slid straight into her pussy and let Jenny control the pace of the movement. Jenny’s pussy was soaking and on fire and it felt wonderful. Jenny them stopped and told me she needed to be fucked, so I grabbed her hips and started to drive my cock deep and hard into her pussy. Jenny responded by thrusting back and her thrusts and moans became urgent until she came, gripping my cock with her pussy. This sent me over the edge as well and I grabbed a handful of her hips and with a few more hurried thrusts buried my cock deep and deposited another load into Jenny. I withdrew from Jenny and we again cuddled and kissed enjoying the moment as a couple.