Written by Jill

2 Feb 2017

I know John has told some of my happenings this is another John and I often go for long weekend drives on this day we were on a country road and came across a young guy walking as his vehicle had broken down we gave him a drink and told him to hoop in and show us where to take him as we were in Johns ute it was a bit of a tight fit I was wearing a see through blouse lacy bra showing a lot of cleaverage and a short skirt you could see though if the angle was right me being fairly big and the young guy was only thin and muscly as John drove off the guy being tall had to put his arm around me for more comfy his hand kept moving trying not to rest on my tit so I would move a bit to make us more comfy and my hand was on his leg each time I moved I took my hand higher soon resting near his cock which I knew was getting hard I waited as he was giving Jonh more directions and his hand touched my tit he left it there so I carefully opened two buttons on the blouse and soon his hand slipped in he seemed a little stunned but when I just rubbed his leg a bit sliding my hand under his shorts finding the tip of a his cock as he had no jocks on he then started to play with my tit rubbing my nipple through the lacy bra so I stared to rub his shaft for a thin tall guy he had a big cock as we neared his home I asked was anyone else there and replied not at the moment they won't be back for a few hours when we pulled up he asked if we would like a drink to which I replied no but would love to be fucked with that cock he looked at John who just said go for it while you can then he said he had a fiancé and he would not want her to find out I replied no will tell her and got down pulled his shorts down and had his cock in my mouth before he new what was happening as I licked and sucked his cock and balls there was no turning back John got behind me and slipped his cock in my wet cunt he kept pushing me harder onto the cock I was sucking soon John emptied into me I stood up undressed properly and asked the young guy where he wanted me so he led to a cottage with a mattres on the floor he lay down and said ride me so I did eventually rolling so he was on top and he hammered me till we both came together when finished he said he he'd never had seconds before but really loved it asked if I would like a shower and I just replied no thanks I love the feel of cum running down my thighs