29 May 2016

We chat and arrange to meet....somewhere public. Im early and scan passing faces, i hear your motor bike ....i walk towards you, your face lights up, guess you like what you see....me in top and cut off shorts....we greet with a kiss ..your tongue playing inside my mouth....omg i feel the damp start, my pussy pulsating. We chat and i lead you over to the darkened carpark where you push me against the car and start to feel my tits, pinching my nipples then sucking on them....your hand makes its way down my shorts where you find my erect clit....you squeeze it and leisurely run your fingers the length of my pussy...mmmm i start to ride your fingers hard, cumin with a low slow moan. You reach down and free your hard cock, i bend and take it into my mouth sucking you ...all the while cars are passing which adds to the excitement.

You cum in my mouth...thick n tasty ...i swallow and lick my lips as i move upwards and kiss you. Fast n furious is sometimes the way to go. We say our goodbyes and i drive home, loving the feel of my wet panties sticking to the crease of my ass and pussy.