Written by letsparty

1 May 2012

A couple of weeks ago, before our current cold weather set in, it was a lovely day and by mid afternoon I was down at the beach. I bumped into a couple of friends and we ended up drinking the day away watching the girls saunter past on their way to and from the surf. By the time the sunset and the night life came out to play we were all well on our way. Somehow by about 9:30 I ended up at a karaoke bar. Now I can't sing to save my life, but I'd had enough Dutch courage and I felt a rendition of Peggy Lee's Fever coming on. I don't know how it sounded to the outside world, but in my reality I rocked it. It can't have been half bad 'cos it certainly got the ladies attention. Alas the knock-out brunette at the bar was having none of it, and I had failed to catch her eye. I was fending off the advances of a woman in her late thirties / early forties who was quite good looking, and had she not have been quite so drunk I wouldn't have hesitated, but as it was I could see that if I went there I would probably spend most of the rest of the evening holding her hair back while she threw-up... I was being my usual self and acting like a bit of a social butterfly (so I've been told) chatting to all of the good-looking girls and most of the dudes. It was probably about 11 as I again approached the bar, no sooner had I arrived when without a word the bar tender handed me a yager-bomb and pointed towards the afore mentioned brunette sitting down further. She saluted me with her red-bull and I moved down to join her. I was trying to play it cool and be mr smooth, but she was having none of it, the conversation moved forward awkwardly and I had to do most of the talking. I got the feeling that it wasn't going anywhere fast, so eventually I excused myself and went outside for a breath of fresh air and to re-group for a last ditch effort at picking up before calling it a night. To my surprise the brunette followed me out, when we got outside she stood a metre or two away and locked eyes with me in the most intense of stares. She asked if I smoked, to which I replied no, and then she took a couple of very quick steps and mashed her lips onto mine. After a couple of minutes of insane spine tingling kissing she backed up and hit me again with that primal 'eat you alive' stare. There was a fire in her green eyes, and despite the alcohol somewhat clouding my mind, I could tell she wasn't just another average girl. She asked indifferently, "do you have a girlfriend?" to which I smiled and replied "you need ask that with at least a hint of suspicion or emotion in your voice". She went "hmmph", turned, and started walking away. I stood mesmerised watching her hips sway, and admiring her magnificent backside through her skin-tight jeans as she went, what's that expression? I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave... She was about 10 metres away when she stopped, half-turned, held out her hand and said "well, are you coming?" with a cheeky look on her face.

She kissed more passionately than anyone I've ever met, her hips bucked and moved in perfect time and held me on the edge for longer than I thought possible, and the noises she made, the deep grunts, the high pitched gasps, the soft sighs... the only way I can describe this girl is that she has for ever ruined sex for me. Nothing I've experienced can come close in comparison, and her body was built for seduction. Now you might think I'm exaggerating the story (and that's your call), and glossing over some of the more exciting and lurid details, but this tale is far from over. Back in the 80s Lamborghini used to say not everyone could handle a Lamborghini, not because of the extreme performance but because everywhere you go you are the centre of attention, guys staring enviously, peting for your eye, much like dating a super-model. Well, I don't know what it's like to drive a Lamborghini but over the next few days I certainly got used to people looking at me differently as I took this girl around.

The following Friday I got a text asking if I was going to be in town and if I'd like to meet up. I'm always myself, for better or for worse nothing can change that, and as such I was at least half an hour late meeting her. Of course she was giving me the cold shoulder in an attempt to let me know she doesn't like being kept waiting. So while she was acting coldly I was having a great time chilling with her friend at the bar who, if I'm fair, was probably cuter, but no where near as hot (if that makes sense). Her friend was dressed to the nines, had a tight body, rounder face and always smiled, which made her seem really sweet. The fact I was having having an awesome time with her friend made my buxom brunette friend even icier. She proceeded to get drunk, which diminished my interest. I had cracked her hard exterior, and had explored and enjoyed her inner warmth over the previous week, but now there was a distance between us. As we went from venue to venue, and she kept drinking that distance grew, but proportionately her friend and I got closer and closer. It turned out that they were only staying in town for one more day so we had to make the most of out time together. I dropped the girls back at their hotel sometime around 2-3. I was invited up to their room but the brunette wouldn't even look at me. All three of us were chilling on the bed drinking wine, watching random clips on youtube. It was an odd situation because now the dynamic had changed, it was clearly back on between me and the brunette by this stage, but her friend was snuggling up against me too. Wine was spilt, clothes were shed and our three bodies made a sweaty heap of tangled limbs. By the time the sun came up we were still going but all exhausted. I was tired and sore but the sight before me was so amazing I just couldn't rest. The only thing that eventually stopped us was a knock at the door to let us know check-out time was approaching. The girls packed their up stuff and we went back to mine to finally sleep. We slept together until late in the afternoon, which necessitated a last minute rush to get them to the airport for their flight home. Wow what a week and what an experience, I don't think I'll ever forget this one. Over the last couple of weeks I've kept exchanging texts/sexts with the brunette, but the thousands of kilometres between us means that unfortunately I probably won't see her again. Oh well, karaoke anyone?