Written by hubby

3 Apr 2015

Having a very straight wife, i have found over time that other guy's wives sometimes want something different on the side,well this is the story about Karen.

I met Karen at her work ,and when a married woman wants to play on the side they give out a very obvious signal to those who see it .

I did notice this, and had half a stiff dick already ,a nice compliment about how gorgeous she was and boy her eyes spoke volumes ,a week later she is at my work (i gave her a business card ) looking at buying a new car and she was looking real sexy after taking her for a test drive and both of us flirting a hell of a lot ,Karen says can you brig the car round and show her hubby after work tomorrow ,no worries i say .

Next night i'm there and Karen is dressed down somewhat indicating to me that when i have seen her before she dresses sexier to get the attention , well she's got mine.

Her husband says that its not a bad car and if she wants it she can have it ,done deal and i say i'll see her at her work in the morning to do the paperwork ,after she says can i deliver it to her house tomorrow as she has a day off ,i say only if you wear something sexy Karen says wait and see .

When i arrive i am invited in and all the pretense is over and done with i grab her and give her a very dirty and wet kiss and stick my hand straight up her dress and rub her very sexy little Knickers and run one finger up and down her slit and in seconds she is very wet ,i pull her knickers to one side and stick one finger straight in (and anybody that's fucked a married woman knows they are usually gagging for it )and shes dripping all over my finger ,i pull it out and bring it up to my nose and inhale her horny wet cunt smell then run it across her top lip then stick it in my mouth .

she grabs me and takes me to there marital bed and slips of her wet knickers looks at the sticky gusset and shakes her head then says "what would you like to do to me" and i say come and sit on my face and let me smell that horny wet cunt of yours and then she almost comes as i am saying it .

Her cunt had the horniest smell, i was licking like a man possessed and started to finger her at the same time she came all over my face ,then just as she was squeezing i stuck my other finger in her sweet little asshole and she came again ,and said her hubby wont lick her cunt .(husbands take note if you don't lick your wife some one else will},

After she's done {and never before } i crawl out from under her and get ready to fuck her doggy style so she can feel all of the cock ,but before i do i take the time to kiss her with my sticky wet smelly mouth and whisper to her that she is one hell of a sexy wife and her ol'man is mad .then i ram my super hard cock in to her very sloppy cunt and stick my finger in her ass at the same time and she loves it then after a great fuck i blow full on up her and watch it dribble out all over there bed ,i lean over and lick her horny little rosebud ass and stick my tongue in just to show her that i will do it all for her .

Next morning i call her at work and she says come to her work just before closing and her boss will have gone home ,when i get there we have a quick snog ,a bit if a good fingering then i pull her knickers of and lick the crutch right in front of her and send her home to her husband without any knickers on {silly dickhead probably never noticed } Well we had a few good times on and off then one night she dropped in to the cabin i was staying in ( i had got kicked out for a week by my own missus, for to much partying with the mates } any way she drops in and tells me she can't stay and just want's to make sure that i'm not drinking and smoking to much pot {i was guilty of both} after a bit of snogging she say's her knickers are staying on and that we cant fuck tonight as she has to get home hes expecting her as she had been out at a girls underwear party ,

Well i tell her she is the best fuck i have ever had {and she was } and i just want to finger her so as i can go to bed later and sniff my finger smell her cunt and have a real good wank she says just one finger ,well we were off she was as wet as hell and then i bent her over on the bed and licked the crutch of her knickers ,took a real hard sniff and then took my cock out and she said "no ! my knickers are staying on" i said fine and stuck my cock in and pushed her knickers into her cunt with my cock and man the sight was something to remember forever especially if you have a panty fetish as i do .we fucked doggy style for what seemed like ages then she came once and said "can you take them off and fuck me quickly without my knickers on ,i did and blew a huge load in her and she turned round and licked me clean we kissed and she was a mess ,Karen then had a shower left her dirty smelly knickers off as they would make her cunt smell when she got home ,i told her to leave them in the laundry basket for him to find and sniff {i don't know if she did} she said he would not do that sought of thing "i said most men ,guys,and boys will at some stage in there life and with an aroma like hers i would if i was married to her .

Well i'll sign off for now, but all you husbands out there who cant see how hot there wife is, watch out because they just might be getting some hot and naughty sex that you aren't giving to them .