Written by psolis

17 Dec 2010

I First met Carol & Lisa approx 18 mths ago when they walked into my lunch bar one morning for breakfast. They were staying in the hotel next door. As it would turn out, they were in adelaide on the first thursday & friday of every second month to run some sort of training seminar here in Adelaide.

Carol is a 57 yo married lady from Perth who RESPECTFULLY does not draw attention to her self with her looks or dress sense ,but has an evil & wicked sense of humour. Lisa is a 35 yo single BBW from Brisbane, who is extremly attractive & has a cleavage that makes the Grand Canyon look like a speed hump. She is quieter than carol but as I was to find out , no less innocent.

With every trip here my mornings were more & more fun & alot more risque. when it came to thier october trip Carol came in on here own. She told me that Lisa was laid up in bed in Brissie. Our conversation quickly turned to jokes & innuendo of a sexual tone, as it always did, when Carol said to me ," well now that Lisa is not here toniite is our opportunity to put it to reality". On that note she paid for here breakfast & slipped me here mobile ph No saying "ring me around 7pm if I am interested"

Well I never need a second invitation , & the day could not have gone fast enough. 7pm I rang her from the car park & she told me room 104. I made my way up & knocked on the door. Carol opened the door while hiding behind it,& I soon found out why. I was greeted by her wearing nothing but a strap on dildo & nipple clamps.

She latched the door turned around & grabbed me. With one hand pulling my head to her lips where our lips merged & our tounges danced, The other hand dove straight into my track pants & pulled my hard throbbing cock out. 'mmmmm I have never been with a guy with a shaven cock b4" she said. She pulled my top off, pushed me onto the bed & pulled my trackies,shoes & socks off in one motion we were both naked , she asked "do you want me to leave it on or take it off" (the strap on) I replied "MMMMMM on please"

With me lying on the edge of the bed Carol knelt down & took my Dick into here mouth. I could tell straight away that carol had had alot of practice. She was able to take my entire 17cm length into her mouth & even my balls at times. As she was goggling my Dick she was caressing me & occasionally pinching my nipples which was driving me crazy.

Carol was sucking away like there would be no more cock,when she started playing with my bum hole slowly pushing one finger in & then a second ,stopping from sucking, to ask me (does that hurt?} "no " I replied, she not knowing at this stage that I am Bi-sexual & that i love fingers & dicks up my bum.

A couple of times I felt like exploding in her mouth but as she sensed this she would grasp my balls by making a ring with her fingers & suck my scrotum into her mouth. This seemed to make the urge go away (a trick I have since used when sucking cock).

What I didn't notice, while all this was going on. was that Carol was lubing up , both the dildo & my bum hole. Carol stood up, spread my legs & placed the knob of her dildo on the edge of my bum hole & asked if I am ready. I smiled & nodded and replied yes please.

Carol slowly pushed it in, working it deeper & deeper till it was all the way in & with every thrust I would have an Anal cum.

I sensed at this stage that Carol was getting close herself. She grabbed my cock & started to wank me while thrusting into me faster & faster, deeper & deeper, harder & harder. We were both now moaning & groaning & quickly reached the point of no return. We both let out a scream as I unloaded all over both mine & carols bellies, & she actually squirted but it oozed out as she had the strap on ,on.

We both lay there exhausted & speachless for a moment. when we caught our breath I asked Carol "how did u figure that I am Bi?" Her response was "Oh R U?" "I have that to use on Lisa" Ok I said this is nice.

After a few more minutes of chit chat , I discover that she and lisa have been pleasuring each other for about 10 months, when they r here. She is married to some drop kick who hasn't touched her for the best part of 10 years, & that in perth she has a tight group of friends where they each take care of thier needs.

I lean over & unstrap her dildo where I discover why she came so hard, my end was about 9" long & reasonably thick but her end was at least 12'' long & as thick as. Revealing her pussy exposed a nicely manicured thatch. Not long or messy.

I dived in & started slurping her fanny nectar, her clit now so sensitive & fully engorged she was soon cumming again, & again she let out some fanny juice, this time all over my face.(she was to tell me that she rarely squirts,only when she is extremly aroused, usually when she is doing something or someone different)

I spread her legs apart & mounted her, I had her in my favourite position when on top, Deep Stick. With her legsspread wide I was able to pound her, driving her deep & fast, & with every downward thrust of mine ,Carol would push up meeting me our crotches were slapping together, my balls slapping her ass & her nice size titts swirling with the motions. As hypnotic as they were, It wasn't long b4 firstly she was cumming telling me to keep going as she was on a roll , cum after cum & then I , again exploding, this time deep inside her.

She rolled me onto my back & straddled my Dick ,again fucking me, in the cowgirl position & the reverse cowgirl. We fucked & sucked & chatted till 11p.m. when it was time for me to go. With a long passionate kiss we said goodnight ,catch u in the morning for breakfast.

Well 5.15am I am at the lunch bar doing what I usually do (fridays are always busy) exhausted & tired. at 7.30 Carol comes in ,she is late. I make her a coffee to go & a croissant. In her usually cheeky way ,with about 10 customers in the shop she says something tothe effect," gee you would think I was up having sex all night or something" to which we laughed & another guy replied yeah don't we all wish. With that she grabbed her coffee & croissant & left saying "see you in December sweetie" which I replied too "looking foreward to it" she turned & gave me that knowing smile which said thanks & can't wait till December. Which echoed my sentiments exactly.

what happened in December follows in part 2.