Written by psolis

26 Dec 2010

Thursday the 2nd of december couldn't come around quick enough. Carol & Lisa were in Adelaide for thier last seminar of the year, & I was anticipating a fun night. I got up in the morning to shower & shave - both my face & my cock, & headed for my lunch bar.

Having been there for over an hour it was just on 7am when my anticipation was growing as it was close to the time that the girls would normally come in.

As I was making a coffee for another customer Lisa walked in looking as hot as ever. As I said in part 1 Lisa is a big girl - size 20 -22 , brunett & as pretty as. As I watched her come in my dick grew instantly hard. She was wearing black leg-inns

and a long, button up shirt that went down to just above her knees, and of course she was showing her massive cleavage.

I finished the customers coffee , took his money & as he left I went around to the counter to greet her with our usual peck on the cheek. Well as i was leaning in she planted her lips on mine & proceeded to try & remove my tonsils with her tounge.

My dick was bursting through my shorts as I held her tight, sinking into her beautiful soft body, with both my hands on her ass.

When we stopped passhing, Lisa put her hand on my bulging member & said "you dirty little f@%$*& ,Carol told me all about it" "tonight it is my turn ". My reply was "MMMMMMMMM can't wait". With that she said," Carol is on her way , we will have our usual's".

I proceeded to make thier breakfast & coffee & we indulged in our usual banter, only this time it actually had some reality to it as a result of mine & carols escapades 2 months ago. The girls finished thier breakfast collected thier things & headed off to thier seminar ,but not before Lisa giving me her ph number & agreeing to meet at 6pm.

The day couldn't have gone slower , even being busy didn't help, but at last at 4pm I locked up,went home to refresh & waited till 6pm. I pulled into the carpark at about 5.55 pm & rang Lisa , she told me to meet her in the gaming lounge, where she finished her drink. We headed to her room, my cock again bursting through my shorts, Lisa noticed it & laughed, licking her lips.

We entered her room & right away we were embracing , our tounges intertwined. we fell onto the bed without our lips parting, fumbling around I was undoing her buttons ,she already had my t-shirt off & was now pulling at my shorts. Having undone a few buttons I pulled her shirt over her head ,revealing the biggest titts I have ever seen, I slipped my hand into her leg-inns & pulled them off, together with her undies,exposing her beautiful big belly ........for me that is horny,big thick chunky thighs & a big moist shaven pussy. By now i was naked & i reached around to unclip her bra. Now I have already told you how big they were but they were just spectacular, full, reasonably firm (cirtainly the firmest I have ever had the pleasure of on such a large girl) & well defined & dark areola & nipples.

We proceeded to explore each others body with our tounges, me sucking on her tits, kissing, caressing & licking her belly & love handles, she biting my on my buttocks & at one stage licking out my bum hole. She gave me a tit rub ,so soft & erotic as she dragged her tits over my body she took my dick into her mouth & put her leg over so her beautiful moist pussy was at my lips. We proceeded to eat each other , as the sensatins grew she was closing those beautiful thighs around my head

suffocating me, the sensations in my balls was growing, I was pushing my tounge deeper into her fanny, our momentum was growing ,when suddenly I couldn't take it anymore & I let my load go, she took some of it but then suddenly she sat up & cum in a muffled scream of ecstasy her ample ass now smothering my face , we were both cumming as she pulled on my cock & I continued to lick her out. We both collapsed, me gasping for air. She lay beside me as we both collected our breath.

It was not long before our lips were again together ,I worked my way to the top & lay on her beautiful soft stomach, kissing & sucking those big juicy tits. Lisa was moaning for me too fuck her. She spread her legs & bent her knees forcing me a bit lower soon my cock was in her fanny ,with her legs on my shoulders I was pumping away fucking her as hard & as deep as I could while all the time watching her body & titts move back & forth with every thrust, just this was sending me wild, when i felt another pair of hands on my back. It was carol naked & ready to join in , but lisa said not yet as she stopped me, rolled me over & squatted on my cock. Now let me tell you, A bird squatting on my cock & bouncing up & down on it is my favourite position, & I have experienced it a number of times especially with asian girls, but also with other lighter framed girls, but never with such a large girl. Well she proceeded tp bounce up & down, one arm under her breasts to support them while her belly was also bouncing up & down each time slamming into my stomach. It was driving me wild & this is why I am particularly fond of large women. We were slamming into each other giving it all we had, Carol was sitting watching cheering us on as she rammed her stap on dildo into her fanny. We both came in a massive roar, to bad for any other guests but it was still only about 7pm.

Again we gathered our breath & then proceeded to play, this time with carol joining in. We played till approx 11pm , me fucking both Lisa & Carol, Carol fucking both of us with her strap on & lisa also fucking & Sucking us. We even double penetrated lisa, my fucking her cunt while she sat on me & carol fucked her ass with the strap on. Carol Also fucked me with it while I had lisas legs apart & my cock inside her & I fucked carol Annaly while she was fucking lisa.]

We fucked in all concievable positions & combinations all cumming countless times.Till I left I am sure they continued

The next morning at the lunch bar I was totally stuffed. my legs were like jelly & my cock was sore, But NO ONE COULD GET THE SMILE OFF MY FACE.

At thier usuall time the girls came in for breackfast. With that knowing look on all of our faces we just smiled at each other with a hint of approval & satisfaction. The Girls finished thier breakfast & got up to leave. We gave each other a hug and a kiss & wished each other Merry Christmas . I said see you in Feburary, where they both replied as if rehersed, can't wait & they both licked thier lips. With this I knew, come the first thursday of Febuary & indeed hopefully every second month I am in for some hot hot fun.

I am still trying to work out how Lisa, being such a large girl managed to squat on me rather than straddle me.