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Kids Friends Naughty Mothers

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Published 8 years ago
When my daughters were still at Primary School I used to get some naughty advances from their friends mum's.This happened when my wife was home too.Once I went to show Donna something of interest in our ensuite while the respectful daughters were in the kitchen with my wife.As soon as we got in there,she pulled my cock out,said " Imm.. that's nice" and proceeded to give it a couple of good sucks,then tucked it away and went back to the kitchen.I thought Wow did that just happen.Unfortunately it never went any further as I new she was a real goer and I could have picked her up and banged her in midair..just the right size.Never got the chance again. Next one.I'm sitting on the sofa watching TV,when another Mum rocks up.Our girls were in bed.My wife is in the kitchen chatting to the two of us through the servery opening,as Jackie has sat down beside me.I have a dressing gown on and next minute Jackie has my cock out and is playing with it.Oh wow here we go.My wife was oblivious to it all,then Jackie puts it away after about five minutes. Jackies marriage broke down a little later so I felt obliged to give her a service.She was a rather large girl,real pretty with porcelain white skin and jet black hair,almost gothic like.Massive mammaries and a trim little pubic patch.Her mouth was like liquid gold on my shaft.Bugger.I was giving her a right old royal rogering when we heard her male flatmates car rock up. I had to fly out the front door as her male flatmate came through the back door.Phew that was close.Those were the days...haha But it brings back fond mammaries.

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