28 Jun 2017


I first met knots online. She was a friend of a friend and I often used to comment on the friends page and knots would like the comments I made. Which lead her to sending me a friend request, which I said yes too.

And so knots and I began to chat. She is a nice person and we got along well, chatting bout our sexual experiences and what each of us were looking for in a sexual relationship. Knots was interested in exploring her sexual desires and fanties, and me? Well I was happy to help her explore her needs as much as I was able to. Now knots has always wanted to explore her submissive side, saying that she had for a very long time wanted to be dominated fully. This included ropes, and other means of binding, also she was wanting to be a submissive and to obey all of my requests.

We chatted for a long time every night online(as we lived in different states) and by phone and texts. She was fully enjoying her new found freedom as a submissive, and I must say I was enjoying being in control. After some time I told her I would be in her state for work and asked if she would like to meet up to take her submission up a level. She agreed and I told her when I would be in victoria and for how long.

I worked at one of the local universities in melbourne so I would be staying in the city for two weeks. She was happy to hear this and made arrangements to meet me in the city, not far from work, in a cafe. I had most of my work done for thw week and told knots I would be free on the Friday and to meet me at the cafe near work. She told me it would take an hour or so to get into the city but would bring her toys and submission with her.

Friday morning im waiting in the cafe, when I get a text saying she wont be long, good I reply… now I best decribe knots, she is in her middle to late 50s long blonde hair, pretty face and 4ft 10 in height, but in heels she would make 5ft 4. and a great set of boobs you need to see to understand just how great they are. Maybe 38 or 39inchs but they sit firm and high on her even without a bra. Big and soft with nice pink nipples, not big in height but big in willingness to submit. As she walked in the cafe I knew her from the pictures she had sent me and I rose out of my chair to kiss her in greetings, but also as I kissed her I bite her lower lip. Her first words were ‘’claiming your property’’, yes I am I replied. We sat and as I finished my cup of tea we chatted small talk, bout her drive into the city and how bad the traffic can be in melbourne.

I had told knots to not ware a bra or panties, a loose fitting top and short skirt stocking and heels. Having done as asked I thanked her for looking very sexy and hot. She smiled and thanked me, leaving the cafe I put my arm around her as we walked to her car which not far away. Parked in the centre parking bays she unlocked the car and after I got in and as knots got in her skirt rose up high on her thighs and as the building across the street was being worked on a worker up on the second floor got a good eye full, as did I. knots commented on that guy looking at her and I said yes I am sure you just made his Friday at work a bit less boring. As I reashed over and with one hand lifted her skirt up a bit higher so he could get a better look. He just smiled as we drove off. Driving round the city I said we should go find a bank and place to eat lunch, and as she drove, I was fondling her boobs and rubbing her cunt lips and clit every chance I got, but not enough to cause a crash. Finding a bank was not so easy as I had to pay some bills and other business. Parking the car I got out and did my banking and returned to the car. Knots sat there with a smile on her face. Ok I said lets go find a place to eat as it was close to lunch time. We drove down Lygon street and she turned off a side street to park. Sitting in the car park out front of somebodies home I began to play with knots’s lips again and seeing that she was wet and ready I slipped my other hand up and behind her and rested my hand close to her backdoor. Kissing deeply with my other hand rubbing her lips, and knots moaning and her hips moving on my hand I slipped a finger slowly up her arse. Just the tip was in, and she jumped a little at this move. However, we had spoken of my taking her virgin arse when we met she soon relaxed, but with my other hand on her clit and kissing me deeply it was all systems go…

Sitting in the car on a gray rainly day, we soon had the windows foggong up. With her arse muscles relaxing and getting used to my finger I was able to slowly insert it deeper, and deeper. Her legs were spread as far as they could be while in the front seat so I had access all areas. With fingers in her cunt and one in her arse she was close to cumming, so I stopped, and said time to go. Out of the car she looked amazing in her short skirt and heels as I walked behind her I grabbed the back of her skirt and lifted but she quickly stopped me, so I slapped her arse telling her to behave.

We found a resturant and at our table we ordered our meals, with drinks. Still chatting all the while. Because we had been chatting online we fell easiely into talk of her wants and what lay ahead for us both, after lunch. Our meals arrived and as we eat, she is loooking around and saying that a guy at another table keeps looking at her. As all during the time in the resturant I was ordering her to open wide, and it seems a guy was getting an eye full. I never looked around to see who he was or where he was sitting, but I knew knots was enjoying being on display if obly in a semi dark resturant, but light enough for the guy to see… while we eat our meal, she began to complain a little bout being on display, I told her not to worry and just enjoy the feelings she felt and the fact that she was making another man happy, even if he wasn’t going to touch her. Every now and the I would order her to close or open her legs depending on my mood, which she complied with. As we eat lunch all I had to do was with my knife and fork in my hands I would either cross them(to close her legs or uncross my hands to open wide). knots was surprised at how well she complied with my wishes while at lunch. As for me I was pleased because I had had a nice lunch and also because of the lovely company I was with. After lunch we walked around the street awhile, just having a look.

Returning to the car, we kissed and I squeezed her nipple and slapped her boob saying how well she behaved and that she was indeed a vision. And how the guy back in the resturant must have thought he was seeing things. We both laughed at that.

The palce I was staying in is an old pub conferted into self contained serviced units, in north melbourne. With gentle rain falling we made it back to the old pub. Knots had got her bag of tricks out of the car, once inside we kissed deeply once again. Only this time my hands roamed freely over her, down to her arse up to her boobs and squeezing a nipple or two.

I told knots to make herself comfortable. The unit consisted of one large room with shower and toilet off to one side, a small recess for the bed with small kitchen and lounge and tv, with views of the city. Knots had unpacked her bag of tricks, a few vibes, some lube. I walked over to her and picked up a toy and said to her hmm yes this will do nicely, taking her in my arms we kissed again and as I began to undress her, she stopped me and contuined to undress herself, say I should sit back and enjoy, which I did. Knots stripped for my pleasure and seeing her naked for the first time was a sight to behold. Her boobs large firm and sitting up proud and with just the right amount of hang from their weight and size were drawing me towards her and with hands out I gently lifted one then the other to feel their weight, I was pleased. Leaning down as I am 5ft 10 I lifted one boob to my mouth and sucking her hardening nipple into my waiting mouth I fed off her hunger and need to please. While sucking one nipple I played with the other, tweeking, twisting and pulling down on her other nipple. Her body shook and her moans gave way to the different feelings she was feeling in each of her nipples. One of pleasure for sucking and licking and the other with the pain under my hand. I knew I had knots where I wanted her and it was where she wanted to be, exploring her fantasies and becoming real. All of the things we had spoken of online and by text were at her call, I just had to bring them out into the open.