Written by Hubby

30 Sep 2019

Well , last we chatted I had been fucking our friends, sex starved wife, ( hadn't had a fuck for over 10 years) .

I told Kylie not to wash her fucked in panties, as I wanted them as a memento,

Now I had gone to her place while she was at work, mowed & cleaned up the yard, waiting for her to come home, I am in her main bedroom after showering having a play with my cock, I text Kylie and tell her to start rubbing her pussy through her knickers to get ready to get some cock, her text back (photo up her skirt) .

She walks in the house in her business suit looking like a very hot business women, I walk over to her and we have a great pash, tongues,hands the works, she's all flustered and says "got to do a wee" great I say and stay right next to her as she enters the en suite " I wanna watch" I say " she gets all embarrassed, "you really are a perve ""aren't you " I reply I bet your husband has seen you pee? "not for a long time"

Kylie wriggles her tight skirt up her thighs and I am staring at her sexy tight Black bonds knickers, she drops them to halfway down her legs ( visual here, gusset stretched, black undies whitish streak and soaked ) I am also watching as her deep pink labia opens up and a stream of golden piss pours out of her horny married cunt.

She stands up wipes her pussy dry and and goes to pull them up, "take them off "I say.

I lay down on her bed, and said " come and sit on my face" "after you take your other clothes off" ," can I at least have a shower" she says, Nope

As Kylie opens her legs to straddle my face I get this huge whiff of excited pussy ,all day at work pussy (not that pure clean soap smell) and that slightly sweaty nutty bum aroma (my cock is rock hard) as I feel her taking my cock in her mouth I grab both of her gorgeous size 8 bum cheeks and open them wide I stick my tongue out and start licking her clit, and inhaling her cunt smell (emmm.....) I start to finger her and lick top to bottom (literally) .

I pull a finger out, (dripping with cunt juice and start to insert up her tight bum hole, she loves it,and is devouring my cock.

I change pace and start licking her bum hole,"ah fuck i'm coming " she grunts.

I jump up turn her around and just slam in to her sloppy wet cunt,and start kissing her with all her juices over my face,she has another orgasm.

kylies ,pussy was sloppy wet but still pretty tight(no sex for 10 I suppose?) any way I want more.

I pulled her up wacked a pillow under her and bent her almost to the yoga position and her bum-hole was wide open, I proceeded to gather lots of her come to lubricate her bum and my cock, then very gently started to ease it in her bum hole.

A few grunts and winces but eventually started having the best anal ever.

I would like to say she cleaned my cock with her mouth ,but it never happened, but I blew up her ass and then a little bit on her tits.

After we both showered together and I fingered her to another orgasm, pulled my fingers out and locked them.

When Kylie and I got dressed I asked her for her fucked in panties from our lunch time beach fuck,that I told her keep unwashed as I wanted to wank with them, ( I actually sent a photo of said knickers,, to her husband (Arsoul) and told him I am fucking a married woman, and she just loves the "cock" ( he often shows me photos of the chicks he's fucking in Thailand ).

I wonder, will he recognize the panties (it's been over 10 years,since he fucked her)(lol).

Just a side note, I also left the same panties in my trouser pocket so as my wife Sam could find them and just go out and get a revenge fuck on the side (let's hope so eh).

Until next time hubby.