Written by very Happy

2 Dec 2014

Last Friday night my wife , her friend ( sammy )and I went out to a local hotel for drinks , it was a good night but as usual my wife drank too much and started to argue with me which put a downer on the night so we decided to leave , her friend feeling uncomfortable .

We all arrived home and the arguing continued . I decided to grab my jacket and leave to let her cool down ! As I was walking down the road 10 mins later her friend Sammy pulled up and said I could could come home with her , this girl is 8 yes younger than my wife , she has breast implants and is smoking hot . We got to her place and she led me into her room she has set up for massage . She has just started this as a little money earner so I was keen to see it as she always talks about it.

We walked into this room that just ooozed sex , the smell ,the ambient mood in there was unreal . She told me to get comfortable while she got some drinks , I asked if I could have a quick shower as it was a muggy night and I was uncomfortable . I jumped into the shower and it was so relaxing , just as I was about to turn off the water and get out there was Sammy , naked , climbing into the shower . I was freaking out at this time she started to wash my back and I returned the favour , before we knew it we were fucking ! She was screaming so loud as I rammed my hard cock into this woman that I always fantasised about , it was happening and it was great .

We dried off and decided to massage each other with oils etc , this went on for hours well into the morning .

I decided that I better head home and face the music , Sammy and I had decided to pretend this didn't happen , so I walked home telling my wife I spent the night in my office just down from our place .

I would have hated to spoil the friendship her and Sammy have , and I'm pretty sure Sammy will want some more of my cock too .....