20 Aug 2017

Beaches and dogs make me lucky oftimes and my hound keeps me fit and loves to swim which found us on the pathway to the off leash area when a very cute Brazilian woman stepped out of her ute smiled and engaged me in small talk her facial animation and easy conversation drew me and she was stunningly beautiful large clear dark brown eyes plump lips and huge white smile ...so we walked awhile my hound leaping into the waves bringing back sticks and then she jogged off to the point an old skool mile away....the sun was good on our skin as we chatted after her run but she had barely cracked a sweat on her silky coffee skin ....she was a local contractor and I invited her for coffee she followed me to my girlfriends house where we drank two coffees and laughed like friends do the pool beckoned and I put some togs on and threw a few flips into the water she thought the water too cold and just layed on the hot paving around the pool just at my eye level standing chest deep in the water ...already aroused I grabbed a bottle of olive oil i use sometimes when I'm alone and along hmmm anyway slid back in the pool and swam across to her I poured the oil into my palm and smoothed it onto the small of her back trying to control my breathing I undid the tie and pushed my hands firmly along her marvellous back she relaxed shifting her shoulders and hips and flexing her glutes under her bathers bottom I'm quite visually orientated and have great manipulative co ordination my hands then moved more sensually she said nothing very slowly grinding her hips and thighs I'd got to take off point pouring some now hot oil into my left palm sliding down the wet material placing my cupped hand between her bathers and holding her firm plump mound but not moving ...my right hand was now squeezing her glutes and forcing her now liquid yoni onto my left ... slowly I removed my hand and asked her to turn over she was incredible let's go somewhere and chill she said...... I wouldn't use that word as what happened next I saw her again yesterday which turned into almost a triathalong...damn there's the fone see yer