Written by Amberjayne

1 Oct 2012

It was dark and cool as you stepped up to my door, butterflies of anticipation in your stomach, the excitement a sharp contrast to the cool air on your face and neck.   You had been just about to go to bed when you saw my e-mail pop up in your inbox, my urgent summons, your excited yes, an address exchanged, and a brief journey through Perth’s sleeping suburban streets.  

As the car rolled almost silently to a stop opposite the address i'd given, you thought you saw a shadow move against the soft light coming from inside the window.  The door opened before you fumbled for the doorbell.  I was silhouetted against the low light coming from a lamp somewhere behind, and you couldn't see my face at first.  My voice was low and soft, slightly hoarse; I’m so glad you came...

I reach a hand to you, taking yours, drawing you to me into the hallway, the door swinging shut behind us. You see that I am wearing very high heels and my dark blonde hair is pinned up leaving my neck a pale vulnerable curve catching the low light behind me. You reach forward to touch it, tracing fingertips softly down from below my earlobe.  My full breasts  pushed up in two creamy mounds, barely contained in a black silk boned corset, warm, smooth, closely encasing me from armpits to hips, and you run your hands down my sides, stepping in close to me.

My hands wrap round your neck, you cup my face in your hands and draw my willing lips to yours and we kiss for the first time, at first softly, gently, then our tongues touching, lips nibbling, breaking for a moment, kissing again, more deeply, growing in urgency.  You slide your large hands below the corset onto my hips and then behind, cupping my ass cheeks and squeezing them tightly.  You realise then I  have nothing else on, no panties, as your long fingers start to explore my body.  I step back,  take your hand again and lead you from the hall into a large lounge room with a long low sofa covered with large soft pillows.  The room is lit only by the light coming in through the open drapes from the street lamps outside and the glow from the hall lamp, but your eyes are accustomed to the darkness now and can see me quite well.  Your eyes trace the curve of my figure hugged in the corset down to the open toes of my black strappy heels. 

Turn around, you instruct. Let me look at you. I turn my back to you and take hold of the back of the sofa and stand with my legs a little apart, leaning forward, pushing my hips back toward you.  I like your outfit, you say, with a slight smile, your eyes not moving from the curve from my lower back to my exposed ass.  I love that feeling, I whisper, the feeling of encasement, of restraint.... Really... you whisper.  You are still fully dressed so shrug off your jacket, but not before you reach into the pocket and take out several rolls of black silk sashes.

With a sash in hand, you pull my wrist together, crossed behind my back.  The fabric takes several turns round each wrist and secures them loosely together.  The second sash you wind twice round my head, forming a loose blindfold, covering my eyes completely, and I make a soft moan as I can no longer see, and you kiss my neck from behind. I push back against you, leaning my head back, but the corset restricts any further movement.  You slide your hands round me, down my sides and spread you fingers over my mound and I moan more loudly as you caress the very top of my slit with your index fingers.  My bound hands find your crotch and squeeze, feeling the shape of your growing cock in your pants, squeezing again as it responds to me by growing further.  You break away for a moment to slip out of your shirt, pants and shoes. Now pressing back behind me, my fingers can find your cock more readily in your boxers and you feel the soft, warm yet stiff fabric of the corset and the roughness of the laces against your stomach and chest as you press against me from behind, running your tongue down my neck, your arms round me from behind, teasing my pussy lips with your fingertips.  My head is back as I moan again and this time you gasp as I squeeze your balls tight with my bound hands. 

You break away from me again and step back, admiring, in the dim light, my waist cinched in, highlighting the curve of my full hips and breasts and your desire is almost overwhelming.  I turn my head from left to right, trying to work out where you are in my blindfolded state, but your bare feet are silent as a cat on the thick wool carpet as you circle me.  Soft as a feather you brush the tops of my exposed breasts with your fingers, then your tongue, running it down the deep cleft between my breasts.  You want to take my nipples in your mouth but the tightness of the corset makes that impossible so you will have to reserve that pleasure for later. You put your hand to my shoulder, and steer me towards the rounded arm of the sofa and help to lower me on to it. 

Positioning me on the edge I sit very straight, held as I am in the confines of the corset, and you kneel in front of me as I part my legs willingly and you trail your fingertips up from my ankles to my inner thighs and then, softly, your tongue follows  Teasingly, you brush my pussy lips with the end of your tongue and I gasp and ask for more, please, please lick me.  You do, your head pressed in between my thighs, your tongue probing more deeply with each stroke.  You open me wider with your fingers and your tongue finds my clit and starts circling in earnest as four of your long fingers start to move deeper inside me, your hand palm up, index and middle fingers making a 'come here' motion which rubs perfectly against my elusive g spot. Oh yes, don't stop, my words lost into a rising wail as my first orgasm washes through me and I clamp your head between my thighs, almost suffocating you. Your hands now under my ass pulling my wet opening against your face as, with a deep shudder that first climax passes and you resume probing and licking.  I rock back onto the sofa, my bound hands trapped beneath me and lift my legs to your shoulders, my heels grazing your back as I move against your insistent, rythmic tongue, your hands underneath me, your fingers pressed hard against my ass as i tense and arch up towards you, crying out as my second orgasm comes and consumes me.

You come up for air and kiss me, your face wet from within me, and I greedily taste my own arousal on your tongue. 

But you are impatient now, your cock hot and hard and tenting your boxers, craving release.  You push the underwear to the floor, then gripping my shoulders, pull me back to a sitting position then direct me  so my chest is pressed, face down against the back of the sofa, and i am kneeling on the seat cushions.  My dark blonde hair has worked loose from its pins and spreads across my shoulders, and you slide a finger down to my hot wet slit and I arch my ass up to you, yes, come on oh please, I moan.  Reaching for the pocket of your abandoned pants you seek out the awkward little packet there and roll on a knobbled condom, holding your cock hot and turgid in you hand for a moment before pressing the tip against my flushed pink lips spread wet to receive you. Slowly you slide the length of it inside me, deeply, in one long movement, and you watch my tight pussy stretch around your thick cock. One hand pulling my hips back against you, the other hand gripping the binding of my wrists, you pull me back against you so hard it feels like your balls are going to go inside me too.  I squirm against you, my muscles holding you tight within my hot slick pussy  and you start to thrust against me, slowly at first, pushing all the way deep into me, then pulling all the way out so the head of your cock pops from my tight grasp, then pushing into me again,  each stroke quicker and more intense than the last, your balls slapping against my pussy as you drive into me.

To be continued ...