27 Jun 2017

Perhaps this isn't going to be as exciting as some stories but we had fun. So the wife and I decided to visit an adult theatre the other night for only the second time ever. She is an exhibitionist at heart and I enjoy showing her off. Our first visit had been uneventful, with no one else coming in and the movie being all anal which wasn't a turn on for the Mrs. Second go however was very different. It was a nice movie with lots of variety and being a Friday night it was fairly busy. We found a seat to share and got comfortable making out and enjoying the movie. She would sneak a peek at the other guys as they played. We were towards the middle of the theatre and I knew from when we walked in that there were men in the chairs behind us and standing at the back of the room. She whispered in my ear to "let her know" when I wanted her to start. A guy came from behind us and sat beside up putting his wallet beside him and a condom infront of it from what I could see. I smiled but left it there and focused back on the naughty movie I was watching and motioned to my lovely wife to get on her knees. She was ready and soon had my cock in her mouth sucking away happily, glancing around her occasionally but mostly just focused on the fun job infront of her. She did her best not to make too much noise that could interrupt anyone else that wasn't interested in our fun but inevitably there were a few slurps and moans. I watched the screen and enjoyed the feel of my cock being alternately teased and deepthroated till I couldn't take it any more and blew a nice big load in her mouth which she happily swallowed being a good girl. We straightened up and took our leave. There was a particulary busy guy at the back jerking hard as we left. A fun night all together.

Question- Was the guy that sat beside us trying to signal something? What rules and etiquette didn't we know? We both wanted to look around more but felt shy and didn't want to be rude if there were others not interested in being watched or watching us.