Written by AlanandAnne

20 Mar 2014

For two years Anne and I have been swinging with a bi couple about 60 klms from our place.

. I (ALAN) work of shore and go away for 2 weeks, then home.

We have had wonderful times ,we do most things except anal so we have enjoyed great session of cock sucking the girls getting it on with strapons.

Historically we never play alone however over time we have become such close friends and everyone is hot for each other.

Paul works about 60 klms from us and out of the blue Pauls wife Nola gets a job working away like me (ALAN) She flies out the exact same time as me and home the same day.

Now that leaves Paul home alone and Anne home alone 60 klms apart.

We all had a wonderful fuck and suck session recently I suggested I would have no problem if Paul came to Annes house while I was away and fucked her.

Last Sunday week Paul and Nola called in during the afternoon for a coffee during the conversation I said to Anne show Paul and Nola the clothes I got from Fantasy Lingerie

She brought them out in her hand I said no baby put them on. I saw Pauls eyes light up.

Anne appeared wearing this black out fit totally see through those hot tits on show super short her hot arse partially exposed, she turned around and there was this divine wet pussy on show. She had black stockings which are attached to the dress, Paul walked over put his arms around Anne feeling her hot bare arse then he started massaging her hot tits.Anne said his cock was so hard rock hard ,Paul said "OH I really want to fuck you",sadly time didnt permit.

I had my arm around Nola playing with beautiful big tits watching Anne and Paul ,Nola said he is so so hot for her I said yes Anne want to suck and fuck his big thick cock. That same cock I have sucked often..

They simply had to go so we walked out to the front yard Pauls big cock sticking up. Anne 's pussy dripping, my cock throbbing Nola's nipples straining against her thin top. Nola grabbed my cock then kissed me passionately saying I want that cock soon I want to suck it and fuck it so badly. We looked over Paul had Annes tits out playing with them . They sadly left. In their car a dripping pussy and a rock hard cock and at our place the same. Anne and I fucked our brains out.

Later in the week I flew out for two weeks Nola also flew out, sadly we don't work for the company.

Anne and I talked about how hot they were for each other. She said "oh yes I really wanted to fuck him and he wanted to fuck me"

Saturday night I walking out of my office and I get a text. "Im having a visitor tonight" Love you xxxxx

I thought of a few family members who may drop in so when I returned to my hotel I rang Anne. Small talk ensued then I

nonchantly asked oh who's coming around family?

Anne said "no Paul," " I said fantastic, Nola is ok with it, yes indeed she said, I said fine by me".

Because of time zones when it happened I was in bed.

Next morning I woke thinking wow what happened? So I rang Anne

Well Paul arrived Anne had the same black out fit on dim lights a nice bi porno on plenty of MM cock sucking. Anne love watching me suck cock as well as Paul sucking me.

She remotely opened the garage door then dropped it when he entered. Anne said come in lock the door. Paul still hasn't seen Anne yet

He walked in to the kitchen there she was pussy wet and on display see through top beautiful tits on show Paul kissed her so passionately lots of tongue Anne returned the favour. Anne said I could feel his big thick hard cock against me.

Paul said ever since last Sunday I couldn't stop thinking about you. Anne said I was thinking about you too ,grabbing his rock hard cock through his shorts.

In to the lounge clothes off Paul laid back on the couch saying leave the dress on I want to fuck you with it on.

Annes went down and took his beautiful thick cock in her mouth slowing sucking licking tonguing his cum slit.

She brought him to the point where he was moaning in ecstasy as she took the hot shaft deep in her wet hot mouth

Anne slowly climbed on Pauls throbbing precum oozing thick cock eased in to her now dripping pussy, pussy juice cascading over his cock. He pounded that pussy Anne squirted every where Paul moaned I'm cumming with that he shuddered

unloading the biggest load of cum ,it was pouring out of that wet pulsating pussy.

Recovery ,they sat there mopped up and talked while playing with Pauls limp cock and Paul paying with Anne wet cum splattered pussy.

I t wasn't long Paul rock hard again, Anne said you are not taking that home Climbed on that hot hard cock she rode him again squirting again all over his big cock.

I'm home soon so is Nola we are going to relive last Sat night I''ve be rock hard for a week absolutely throbbing playing over in my mind that beautiful image of my adorable baby sucking and fucking Paul's big hard throbbing cock ,so hot so horny.

Look out when Nola and I get home she is in for a sound fucking. We are all so fucking hot for each other. Can't wait to suck Pauls big cock knowing where is was last Saturday night. Never know he may visit again before I get home. And give Anne another sound fucking and give another huge load of hot cum,as well Anne squirting on his big cock and maybe his face now that would be hot.

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