Written by Alan of Alan and Anne

22 Mar 2014

Well its been a week now since Paul dropped by and fucked my baby. I have had a hard cock ever since.

Anne has, told me chapter and verse about her black see through outfit pussy exposed beautiful arse showing and the effect it had on Paul. She also reminded me how she sucked his big thick cock taking it all right to the back of her throat.

How she climbed on to his cock and fucked him, she also told about how Paul loves his nipples pulled hard which she did while his big cock fucked her.

She was riding that cock ,she reached over tweaking twisting and pulling his nipples that "pushed him over the edge"

He groaned and blew the biggest load covering the lounge with cum and pussy juice Anne squirted with him so beautiful so hot.

Now since that night of fucking and sucking episode Anne and I have relived it often to the point on Skype she has shown me her smooth wet pussy saying things like "This is where Pauls big hard thick cock went" with close up

Shows me her hot erect nipples and tell me how he licked and sucked them while he fucked her ,made them stick out even more, now they are hot erect nipples at the best of times.

She opened he mouth and said "I had his big cock deep in this mouth"

I have been away for 10 days due home next Thursday all this is having serious effect on me ,ie: permanent throbbing hardon, gallons of precum , cant concentrate on tasks, people asking " Alan are you listening?" having dreams (good ones)

So ive decided Ill teach these two horny fuckers a lesson, next week end Nola gets home the same day as me, so Sunday when they

come around I have some thing in store for them (Paul and Anne that is)

Paul and Anne remain clothed, Nola and I will be on the couch ,the same couch where my baby sucked and fucked Paul,

I will slowly pash Nola rubbing her beautiful big tits through her top. The other two randy rooters no touching each other just watch.

I will slowly unbutton her top to expose the magnificent tits ,gently massaging them kissing her neck pashing her plenty of tongue. Then I will sensuously suck those super hot tits making her nipples stick out.

Then I will slowly remove the rest of her clothes.

I will lick her beautiful tits then make my way to her very very wet pussy, all the time these naughty people watching not touching,

I will lick and suck that pussy with my face covered in pussy juice I will show Paul and Anne how wet she is.

I will stand up remove my clothes, show them both my big hard shaved cock ,I know they both want to suck it,

Well they cant, they can watch Nola take my cock down her throat like Anne did to Paul.

Nola is a magnificent cock sucker she is so good at it.

Then I will say right you 2 watch me fuck Nola

I will slide my shaved 7.5 inches of rock hard cock in Nolas dripping pussy while Paul and Anne watch.

Then being the nice guy I am I let them join in because I want to suck Pauls cock while I fuck his hot wife

and I love pashing Anne while I fuck Nola.

I think I will blow all over her beautiful tits and massage it in.

Ill teach those two to fuck while Nola and Im away Wont happen again .........until next time cant wait so hot.

Keep you posted on how my plan goes , fucking sex fiends the pair of them