Written by kevindaniels

14 Aug 2014

We had recently moved to a new town. It is one of those small coastal places that families go to for holidays each summer and people retire to.We are not retired , far from it , but I work away so im home for days on end when I get home.My wife works full time too at a nearby town but she works Monday to Friday. Not long after we moved in I noticed a couple from down the street walked past most days.I said hi and they introduced themselves as Karen and Mark. they both looked reasonably thin all the walking and appeared in their late 40s.They wernt models , just normal regular neighbours. Anyway a few days later they invited me over for a drink to welc me me to the neighbourhood. My wife was at work and it was a nice sunny day. As the beers flowed we got talking so I asked em where locals would go if they wanted to swim naked . They looked at each other, laughed and said most locals were too churchy to swim naked but they they went to a beach the other side of the cape about 17 ks away. That made them seem a lot more interesting than I first thought and I took another look at them. The ice was broken and we began to talk a lot more openly. Karen was getting a bit pissed and let slip a few things and I realised they may be swingers too so I asked them straight out. Mark admitted they were and I said we were too so their secret was safe with me. He showed me their profile on this sight and I showed him ours. I had seen theirs before and had a bit of a perve on their pics not knowing it was our neighbours from up the street. We hadn't changed our address so wernt shown as local a the time. Things were getting very sexual between us by this time.Karen read our profile and noticed I was bi. She said that Mark was bi too but they found it very difficult to meet other couples who had a bi and a straight lady guy. I laughed and said it might be handy living up the street lol.I already had an erection by this time and as I glanced at Mark I saw he did too lol.I reached over and gave it a rub through his shorts, he wasn't wearing jocks. Once she saw this Karen grabbed us both by the hand and led us both into the bedroom. Staight away Mark started undoing my shorts and pulling my hard cock.Karen was laying on the bed watching us and moaning as she touched herself and removed her shorts and tee shirt. This was turning into a much more interesting day than I ever expected.Mark got down and started sucking my cock as I took off my shirt.Karen said Yessss and played with her pussy.She had a lean tanned body , small tits , brown nipples and trimmed pubes. Pubes were a novelty for me as my wife is waxed.As Mark sucked my cock I began to fuck his face. He was good at it and I was gonna blow soon if he kept it up.I went over to the bed and began to eat Karens pussy while Mark sucked me.She tasted warm and salty, so wet.I thought I better make Mark feel good too so after a while we swapped places and I sucked him.I could taste his precum but did my best to hold him off from cumming. He moaned he wanted to be fucked so Karen got me a condom and some lube and I eased my swollen cock into his accomadating arse hole. It had obviously had some traffic in its time. I could feel him squeezing his spincter as I fucked him faster and faster.Karen was moaning, playing with herself.Her wet cunt was making slurping sounds as she plunged her fingers up and down.Then she came with a long loud squeal.I was still fucking Mark and he said "im cumming".Karen devoured his cock and he filled her mouth with his salty cum.I couldn't help myself.I pulled out of his arse and spurted all over his arse and balls.Karen licked that up too and started to suck my cock.I stayed hard and soon I was fucking her.She was a very good fuck. Apparently seeing Mark getting fucked was a real turn on for her and she wanted Mark to swallow my cum. She came a couple of times then it was my turn.I pulled out and Mark swallowed me deep and I filled his mouth with the second big cum of the afternoon. We kept this up for the rest of the afternoon then all showered together. It was very unexpected and with people id have never been interested in normally but we had a great time.I found out Karen usually uses a strapon to fuck Mark as where we live is a bit isolated and other players are hard to come by.We all need to be discreet too living in a country town.Unfortunately Karen isn't bi or I would introduce my wife into the fun.She always says she wont do anything local as dealing with the public all day is part of her job and she doesn't need any rumours or gossip.Im sure we will all get together one day , just need the right circumstances.If we all met out at that beach one day then ya never know what might happen.When it does I will share it here