20 Apr 2017

I work at a coal mine in Central Queensland. Often due to strict rules often we take our trucks offsite to work on them without the drama. The other afternoon i took a truck out to do a couple of maintenance jobs. When i got to the pad there was a service truck parked on an angle to the road with a silver prado parked beside it. I didnt take much notice turned round and reversed back. When i got into posotion i looked back forward and obviously i had interrupted them as this very cute little blonde was wriggling back into her singlet and old mates workshirt was on the ground. I gave an apologetic wave and shrugged a sorry. I got out and went around the back of the truck and started working on hydraulics. I could still see them occassionally through the gap behind cab. To old mates credit he was working hard try to resume where they were. He was kissing her and feeling her lovely C cups. She must have been a bit shy and kept trying to stop him. Eventually he had her up against the side of his truck with his hand down her denim cutoffs. Whatever he di it was like flipping a switch suddenly she was all ramped up kissing him passionately and pumping his cock. She went down on her knees and took his cock in her mouth. I couldnt help myself i got into a position where i had an uninterrupted view. God it was fucking hot. Old mate lifted her up turned her round and worked the cutoffs down and she pushed her hot little ass back at him. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back as He slid his cock into her. Old mate looked across and caught me watching. He leaned forward said something to her then using his hadful of her hair and steered her head to look at me. She seemed embarassed but he was going for gold. He lifted her singlet off over her head and those gorgeous boobs were out. Her hand went to cup a breast and squeeze her own nipples the whole time her eyes never left mine as she started to cum.........