Written by fuzzleg

25 Apr 2013

Two years ago I went to Coolum to see what I could see, and saw a lot.

It was a nice August day and there was just one car in the car park but I thought I would go for a dip anyway. I went down one of the tracks that bring you out in the middle of the beach and spotted a couple tucked up under the Pandanus trees. I went down to the waters edge to have a look at the rock pools and saw that they were the only other people there.

I went back under the trees and set up about 15 metres away from them. I stripped off and walked down to have a swim. When I walked back to my towel, I noticed they were watching me. I openly looked at them while sitting on my towel and she was rubbing his cock. After a bit they started playing with each other, and didn't seem to mind my presence, so I stood up and started to rub my dick. She wiggled around to point her pussy in my direction and kept playing with him.

This went on for about 15 minutes, with me getting up and walking around and generally making my presence felt when she started sucking him. Because of the angle, I couldn't see the action, so I thought, 'fuck it', and went closer. I got about 5 metres away and asked them if they minded if I watch, he replied 'come closer, if you want'.

ZOOM! She laid on her back and he slid his cock in laying on his side. She told me to kneel beside her and wank on her tits. It was amazing. I could see his cock splitting her pussy lips while she rubbed her clit while I ha one hand on my dick and the other playing with her nipples.

Surprisingly, this went on for about ten minutes before I blew over her tits. I moved back as she rubbed my cum over her nipples and he up, and straddled her to blow a very impressive load over her pussy and tummy. My god, I could have cum again watching it.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen them since...