Written by MissTigeress

16 Jul 2011

After along day of traveling Luke arrives at the Hotel dressed still in his uniform and casually he open’s the door expecting to see a surprise, but the surprise you get is more than you could have asked for. Luke find’s his hot sexy mistress all dressed in a black silky G string teddy with lace in all the right places, black 4 inch heels and fishnet stocking and a suspender belt laying on the bed ready for him. The candles shimmering in the room. Luke walk’s over to his sexy slave and gives her a little kiss. Luke then starts to rub his mistress’s calves and then your thighs. Making me hot with anticipation for what Luke might do next.

Luke then tells her to go lay down on the bed and wait for me to come over. On your way over to be bed she pulls you out of her bag some toys to use. A 8 inch dildo, anal beads, a big strap on and a whip, just in case.

Luke asks his mistress which one to use first but he just smiles and she just grabs the first one and begins to rub it all over her breasts and pussy. As Luke smiles and leans over her. He then licks the dildo clean. Luke then climbs on the bed and his slave climbs on top and straddles his face keeping her hot wet pussy just out of my reach but close enough that he can feel the heat coming of that luscious pussy. The smell of sex is everywhere. After teasing him for few long minutes she then allows him to lick her hot wet pussy and tongue fuck her. Luke’s warm tongue begins to lick her pussy in long slow strokes from her clit to your ass. Feeling her juices dribble down his chin and then he uses his tongue to penetrate her pussy deep making her cum so hard and all over his face and neck. Drinking her sweet cum savoring her taste and scent.

Luke’s mistress than turns around her pussy still hot and moist on his face. As she slow and gently squeezes his balls. As her tongue starts licking his hardened cock before taking it inch by inch deeper into her mouth. Going deeper and deeper. His cock tickling the back of her throat before she swallowing gasping for breathe. Tasting Luke’s warm pre cum in her mouth. After a while she stops and rolls over laying on her stomach. Luke then sits up behind her spreading her legs wide he picks up the dildo and gently slides it into her ass and begins fucking her with it. Her moans getting louder and louder. His fingers penetrating her pussy at the same time. Fucking her hard with the dildo and rubbing her hard clit. She slides up on her knees as he starts pounding her ass harder and harder. And putting more fingers into her moist hot wet pussy.His sexy slaves moans get louder as she begs him to go deeper. Luke pulls the dildo out and slides his hard cock into her ass,his hands holding onto her shoulders he starts slam wall fucking her so hard and so deep she lets out a loud moan and screams fuck me baby fuck me. Luke slaps her ass hard, leaving a red mark and tells her to beg for his cock in her ass.She begs to her master to leave his hard cock in her ass and to fuck her till she begs him to stop.

Then with his hands on her shoulders he gives it one almighty push he slams his hard cock so deep in her ass as he cums shooting his hot load in her ass.He pulls his cock out still shooting cum and covers her back with his hot cum.While her master is still on her knees she turns around and starts sucking the cum off his cock.They both than collapse in each others arms exhausted from the erotic love making session.

More to come stay tuned