Written by LickaDeSplit

2 Dec 2014

Recently one weekend i met up with a friend off SH for an initial meet n greet at Birdie Bch, upon arriving at the car park tracking each other by phone to meet up, i was surprised to see D's ample curvy bod, dd's ready to pop out of her top, my mate C was trailing close by as we made our way to the walkway through the dunes to choose our spot, out of the wind we found a sheltered semi private patch to lay our towels.

We wasted no time getting our gear off , all eyes were on D's gorgeous boobs, we lay down n began to get to know each other in person , as we talked, a little stroking n playful toying D's nipples began to harden and suggested she stroke my cock which in much appreciation was growing rapidly to her sensuous touch. As we played, another guy S came and talked with us, commenting on how stunning D's body was, he inquired whether he could join us, with our approval he layed with us, all the time i had been tempting n teasing D her pussy soaking wet by now.i suggested she may like suck our new friends cock, as i continued fingering and stroking her loins.

S couldn't believe his good fortune as D skillfully worked her tongue along his now growing shaft, all the while hands and eyes penetrated her pink luscious wetness, spreading her legs for me as she rolled on her side for easy access, i spread her lips and darted my tongue all around her wanting clit, teasing ,circling and flicking it with animosity, drawing her closer and closer , holding her on the edge of exstacy for approximately fifteen minutes.

mmm i thought, here's a beautiful luscious pinkjuicy cunt, as i licked and sucked her lips and clit continuously, slowly her juices trickled down juicing up her anus which i was also toying with, ever so lightly tickling and relaxing her sphincter, pushing her arse towards my probing digit , i lipped it in , slowly at first working that muscle stretching it making her want more, then two fingers which made her gasp with excitement, as i continued nibbling on her clit in unison, speeding up and slowing down drawing D to climax as i pump her arse with three fingers as she blows her juice over my awaiting tongue n face...mmmm yum.

i stand up n straddle D's face and she goes to work on my hard cock, wow i think, wat great tongue action she has, then takes away her hands from the base of my shaft and allows me to thrust deeper and deeper all the way down her awaiting throat, wow what a treat visually for C, as he then starts to work D's wanting snatch, we lay D down on her back so everyone can access her at once, S sucking on her ample boobs as he gets a another blowjob from his girl L whom arrives mid way through, sucking like a champion now on my balls n fingering my arse , i stroke my cock n blow my load on her titts.

Feeling spent, i go and have a soak in the river as the guys continue to ravish the girls, and then return to find C is now getting a blowjob from D as L is sucking like a hoover on S's cock, so i climb in behind L and pump her pussy with four fingers 'till she blows and squirts what seemed like a litre of juice over me and her towel.

We lay there spent for about ten minutes as we talked about the hedonism we all shared, and bid our good byes 'till next time, n made our way home.