Written by clitslave

7 Aug 2013

You leave the door ajar late at night. You might be alone or your partner might be sitting back watching you as you seat yourself in a chair and lean back sliding your dress up. the lights are off and you've no panties on which is a turn on in itself as you open your legs as far apart as you can, then as agreed a tall slim dark shape enters the room. You can't quite make out who it is as they kneel silently in front of you and slowly push their face between your legs and you can feel his breath warming your pussy lips as your clit tingles in anticipation . You feel his wet tongue slowly run along the crease where your lips join upwards to the top then downwards past your pussy then back up till its above your clit and then he pushes in between your lips and tongue kisses your clit sucking gently and drawing your clit into his mouth where he massages your clit with his tongue slowly and firmly, then moves down to your wet pussy and begins to tongue you slowly fucking you with his in & out motion . Do you lean right back close your eyes and abandon yourself to cum and then he leaves silently ? I'm ready when you are, I can send you a pic maybe you've got one, I can act out this scene exactly or maybe you have a variation , come back