Written by Triumph1050

7 Dec 2014

So after my 1st encounter with my new friend next door I became very uninhibited & almost obsessed with catching glimpses of her & her of me at any opportunity. The bungalow patios overlooking Indian Ocean were configured in a way which gave minimal privacy (perfect) allowing clear vision of immediate neighbours which would of been say 20 mtrs apart.

Now I'm gym fit with a manicured & great looking cut cock, my wife at the time was also gym fit tiny landing strip with smallish but horny tits. Wife spent most of time wearing her super tiny g,s which I find more arousing than nothing at all. I on other hand spent whole time naked in fact the only time I had clothes on was when we left the bungalow. So.. It was mid morning on our 1st day my wife was on sunbed tiny purple g soaking up the hot sun while I spent my time semi hard waiting for my neighbour to make her 1st appearance. To my surprise she & her overweight hubby were already sunning themselves, I only had eyes for her while also being careful not to be noticed by him or my wife ;)

My wife appeared to have dozed off so I thought I'd take the opportunity to step down into the ocean & paddle up to grab a better look, now the tide at this point in time was fairly low ie. when I stood up you could see my now growing cock. Her hubby thankfully was facing away from me & my friend was clearly responsive as she had positioned herself for me to get a better look between her incredible legs. She too was wearing a tiny black g which by now was being swallowed up by her pussy lips. We made eye contact for what appeared to be a minute or two while I slowly stroked myself in front of her. She responded by smiling & giving her ample tits a rub at same time. At this stage I became concerned bout being caught so we finished our display, smiled at each other & I returned to my bungalow to take in what had just happened. Seemed my neighbour wasn't finished with me yet as what was to happen next was almost too much to handle..........

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