Written by Triumph1050

8 Dec 2014

It's the next day & my wife had pre booked a spa treatment leaving me to myself for a couple hours so my devious brain was in overdrive thinking of what I could do to get closer to my neighbour. My wife had been gone no longer than 2 minutes & I was naked & heading out for a paddle in ocean. To my surprise her hubby was wading out front of their bungalow & gave me a quick wave. I thought "why not" & proceeded to slowly swim toward him to introduce myself all the time hoping to get a glimpse of his horny wife. We chatted for a bit although his English was poor, I stood before him naked while he was wearing briefs. My wish finally came as his wife appeared on edge of patio wearing a white robe. I waved & introduced myself, she returned a smile all the time thinking to myself "what the heck" I'm in the middle of the Indian Ocean standing naked in front of one hell of a horny woman with what turned out to be a very easy going hubby. I had to get closer to her so I offered to take some holiday photos of them as she was holding a camera at the time. He seemed happy for this which surprised me as I was becoming semi hard at the sight of his wife who by now had loosened the robe to show me just enough to tease. I made my way up the steps & told the 2 of them to pose together after I had introduced myself to his wife kissing her on the cheek & giving a brief embrace. By now there was no turning back ... I took the camera & proceeded to take some photos encouraging them to maybe undress a little ;) he was nervous at 1st but his wife dropped her robe to display what only can be described as an absolute perfect body. We all started to loosen a little taking turns to use camera & her hubby seemed more than happy for me to pose with his naked wife. After a while I suggested we all have a cold beer before I leave them be. The hubby obliged & off he went to organise the beers from inside. He had no sooner turned to walk away when his wife grabbed my cock with her hand & whispered "I need that cock inside me" we'll my 6.5 man meat was at full attention now & I new it was only a matter of time before I fucked this extremely desirable woman. You guessed it .. Hubby returned with the beers & I'm standing beside his wife at full attention! He handed me the beer & said "you like my wife" ? I returned a nervous "she's an amazing woman your very lucky" with that we drank our beers with some small talk & we all suggested to do this again tomorrow maybe. With that he turned to walk inside while his wife embraced me, planting her soft lips on my mouth all the time staring into my eyes & kissed me slowly... Faaaaaark I could of blown all over her as my hard shaft was pressing against her warm & wet pussy. I swam slowly back to my bungalow in anticipation of what was to happen the next day.

to be continued ....