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Maldives holiday pt 4

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3 min
Published 6 years ago
Day 4 of this amazing holiday & as your about to find out my efforts to fuck this babe was made easier than expected. My wife & I had just finished a light lunch on the main island & had decided to sun bake by the pool there for a couple hours before returning to our bungalow which was a good 15 min walk or less than 5 by cart. As luck would have it I noticed the husband of my horny neighbour was stepping onto a game fishing boat (alone) obviously to go on a fishing expedition. Yep ... My brain & my cock went into overdrive ;) I had to have this woman so here's how it went ......... Said to wife "hey babe, just gonna duck back & grab some sunscreen as my face is burning up" "Sure, don't rush I'm happy laying here, see you when you get back" I flagged a staff member down & hitched a ride in a cart to save time ;)) Figured I had a good hour before my wife would notice I hadn't returned. I opened the door & walked through to the overwater patio with wild anticipation hoping I'd see my horny neighbour sunning herself. As expected she was totally naked reading a magazine of some sort. I wasted no time entering the water to go meet with her. I slowly climbed the 3 or 4 steps to be greeted by a very pink, very wet, open pussy! She dropped her magazine & smiled then told me she,d been waiting for me. My cock was so hard it was throbbing. With that I pushed her back on the sunbed, lifted her legs & spread them wide & buried my tongue deep in her warm wet creamy tasting hole. It tasted amazing let me tell you ... I ate her pussy for a good 5-10 minutes while she moaned & sighed with the excitement it was bringing her. She pulled my head away & motioned me to lay back on the other sunbed .. As I positioned myself she straddled me 69 style so as I could continue eating her while she gave me an unbelievable blowjob ! I normally have good control but the excitement of this experience made it hard for me to not shoot an ample load down her throat, besides I wanted to fill her pussy ;) A good half hour (I thought) had past & I made my move to fill this hottie. I grabbed her hand leading her to the bed which looked out to the ocean ... Threw her against the large fluffed up pillows & entered her now now steaming hole ! I started slowly pumping her as she got that look in her eyes .. Sending me wild ! She became very vocal as I pumped her harder & harder. I turned her around & buried my tongue in her heavenly scented arse then gently stuck my finger in her to test the water ;) she was clearly enjoying it so I entered her ass from behind ! Starting with long & slow strokes I fucked that tight little arse till I could hold off any longer. I pulled out & shoved my cock in her mouth to clean & add some mouth lube then re entered her waiting pussy. Wasn't long before I pumped all I had inside her & she too squeezed with an amazing orgasm ! We both collapsed on the bed breathing heavily ... I was spent let me tell you ! As it turned out we'd been licking, sucking, fucking for just short of an hour ! I kissed her lips & told her I had to go but have 3 more days left of holiday .. She smiled & we parted ways. As I walked down the steps into the water there was a middle age good looking couple watching from a short distance .. I wondered to myself what they were thinking as I left a naked woman from one bungalow still semi hard then swam to & entered another ;) But that's a whole new story ........

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