27 Dec 2017

for those who requested more .............. ;)

continued from pt 1

she slightly rolled towards me and put her hand on my chest and a leg on mine and said, "me next"?

"But I thought you were asleep?"

"I was ................... but something woke me up, so now I'm not asleep and after listening to what happened, I am now VERY HORNY !" she whispered in my ear. "We don't want to wake anybody up, do we?"

I rolled slightly onto my side, which had my mouth right next to T's nice large boobs, but they were still inside her nightie. "Looks like you're nipples are in need of some help. They need to be a lot harder than this."

My tongue flicking across them, through the thick material, made her chest heave and push towards me. My hand reaching up, squeezed those fabulous breasts, from one to the other and back again. Pinching her nipples had a light whimper escape her lips, so I pressed mine against hers and pushed my tongue into her mouth to muffle the sound. "If you can't control yourself, we will have to stop." With that, she pushed her mouth back onto mine and her hand squeezed mine harder onto her breast. We kissed like this for a while, then I began to undo the buttons that went all the way down the front of her nightie (old fashioned) allowing me full access to her glorious flesh. From one nipple to the other, my lips and tongue danced ............. flicking and licking and sucking and tweaking, her hand pulling my head onto her harder n harder.

My hand sliding all over her smooth skin, down over her stomach, back up her ribs. With each move of my hand, searching her skin for those places that make her twitch and stifle a moan. Down her thigh and back up the inside of her leg, careful not to go to close to the rising heat that is her hot wanting pussy. Again n again I circle close to her pussy lips, but not touching, then sliding my hand down between her legs, she opens them further and further until my hand is right over her pussy and one finger pushes into her. Her wetness allows it to slip straight in, which has a gasp jump from her throat, my hand slides up her hot wet lips, dragging the finger through the lips and up to her clit where it stops and light pressure has her nails digging into my back. I start to rub her clit up and down, very slowly at first, my mouth goes back onto her nipple, sucking and flicking, pushing it up onto the roof of my mouth where it is rolled around by my tongue. Her breathing has become much quicker, as I continue to work my way up n down, in and out of her very wet pussy, which now has a second finger in!

I can feel her body beginning to shake a little, as the wave of her orgasm sweeps over her. I can feel her pussy contract, again n again n again on my fingers, as her juices flow freely over them.

I let her calm down a little for a few minutes, but she then reaches down and grabs hold of my now rock hard cock and said, "This needs to be in me, I want you in me now!" Well who am I to argue !

end part 2 ...................... see how you like this and if you want to hear more?