Written by Paul

30 Apr 2016

Since our marathon sex session last December when Jenny moved back to town, we have only got together sexually on a few more occasion since. Those occasions were pretty much a quick meet at each other’s house during a week day and all sex was protected and over quickly. Although it was a quick meet it still had the passion and excitement, but the downside was condoms were used.

That was until last week when we met up and enjoyed a fun filled weekend of lovemaking. It all started about a month ago when I was meeting Jenny for a coffee and she asked me what I had planned for the upcoming school holidays. I told her the first week I had the kids whilst my wife was at work and she was taking them to her parents’ house the second week. Jenny told me she was doing something similar by taking the kids on a holiday whilst her husband was working most of that week and she would be working the second week. Dirty thoughts rushed to my head but they were quickly shut down when Jenny told me she would like to catch up for a movie night.

During my week off I received a text message from Jenny asking if I was still up for a movie night on Sunday as her husband was not leaving until that morning. I replied yes as I was returning to work on the Wednesday. The wife left with the kids on Saturday and the worst thing was she had been giving me the cold shoulder for a few weeks, so inside I was hoping more was going to eventuate with Jenny on our movie night.

Sunday night couldn’t come quick enough, so after dinner I walked to the local shops where Jenny picked me up to take to her house. Upon arrival Jenny told me she that she had the new Star Wars to watch and asked if I would like some wine. With a glass of wine in our hands we sat down and watched the movie. We had a few more wines during the movie, in fact enough to start another bottle.

At the end of the movie we had a toilet break, refilled our glasses and sat on the couch and chatted. Jenny was telling me her husband had been ignoring her and she was very frustrated. It was at this time I begun to rub Jenny’s feet. Jenny moved over my way a little more and enjoyed the foot massage. I then moved up and began to give her calves a good rub. Jenny relaxed a little more and I moved my hands higher to her thighs and then rubbed them moving to the top and brushing her pussy through her jeans. The heat coming from her pussy was immense and she let out a moan.

Jenny opened her eyes and lent over and we kissed. It started off with little pecks and soon turned into tongues down each other’s throats and full on groping. I reached down and undid Jenny’s jeans and slid them off leaving her in her black lacy thong. I returned to kissing Jenny and this time the passion had set in. I moved my hand down to her pussy and began to rub it and I then inserted a couple of fingers into it. Jenny’s pussy was on fire and dripping. I moved down and removed her thong and to my amazement I was staring at her freshly shaved pussy. Jenny looked at me and told me this was a surprise for her husband but he brushed her off so I might as well enjoy it, and so I did. I slowly started to kiss around Jenny’s pussy and moved in and slowly worked my tongue up and down her moist lips. Jenny was moving her hips up and down to increase her pleasure and her moaning got louder. I spread Jenny’s pussy lips and inserted my tongue and tasted her sweetness and then started to brush my tongue over her clit. This sent Jenny wild and she grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy and shuddered violently as she came.

Jenny soon recovered and told me to fuck her, so needing no further encouragement I removed my shorts and moved up to between Jenny’s legs and slid my hard cock into her soaking pussy. The feeling was out of this world she was so hot and extremely wet. As I began to slowly move in and out of her pussy my hands moved down to beneath her shirt, lifted it up and pushed up her bra to expose her tits. I began to fondle her breasts as we were deeply kissing; meanwhile Jenny began to move her hips to meet my thrusts. This combined with Jenny’s throbbing pussy and the fact I had not had sex in a few weeks, I was very close to cumming. I broke our kiss and told Jenny with the intention of pulling out, but all Jenny did was wrap her legs around me and pushed harder. Soon enough I buried myself deep and unloaded into Jenny’s wonderful pussy. Jenny and I the kissed and all Jenny said was wow we both needed that.

We removed the rest of our clothes and headed to the bedroom. We climbed into bed and held each other kissing and just talking, and generally just enjoying each other. I told Jenny that I didn’t think anything was going to happen tonight, and she said the same but we both agreed this spur of the moment passionate sex was unreal.

Whilst we were talking my hand had moved down to Jenny’s pussy and I was beginning to rub it. My cum had been steadily leaking out of her. Between her thighs was covered in it, but there was still a sizable amount inside her. Jenny started to wriggle her hips again and moan. Jenny looked at me and told me that she was incredibly horny and she wanted me to go down on her. Remembering last time I did this I did enjoy it so down I went. Jenny reached into her draw and passed out a vibrator. I licked her pussy and rubbed the vibrator around her arse and then gently started to insert it. Jenny raised her hips to make it a little easier and soon enough half the vibrator was in Jenny’s arse and I was going to town on her pussy with my mouth.

My cock was now hard again so I told Jenny to roll over so I could fuck her from behind. Once in position I entered Jenny’s cum filled pussy and re-inserted the vibrator into Jenny’s arse. I could feel it buzzing with my cock and the feeling was incredible. I started to move in and out of Jenny’s pussy with a steady rhythm and Jenny was soon bucking back with force. Jenny’s thrusts were beginning to pick up pace so I removed the vibrator from her arse and grabbed hold of Jenny’s hips and started to pound her.

I reached forward with one hand and grabbed hold of Jenny’s tit and gave it a good squeeze. Jenny was close to orgasm when she told me to stop put my cock in her arse and the vibrator into her pussy. Wow when I entered her arse with the vibrator in her pussy it was awesome. Within a few minutes Jenny was cumming very heavily and she collapsed with me still buried in her arse and the vibrator buried in her pussy.

I slowly slid out and lay beside Jenny, leaning over and kissing her. When Jenny recovered she pushed me onto my back and climbed on top. I then rubbed her tits and Jenny literally started riding me very quickly. Her pussy was warm, wet and irresistible. Jenny was building to another orgasm and so was I. Jenny soon enough yelled out as her orgasm hit sending me over the edge. I grabbed her hips and she thrust down impaling herself on me. I then filled her unprotected pussy for the second time that night.

Jenny told me I was staying the night as she didn’t have to work until Tuesday. We cuddled and went to sleep. I was first to wake in the morning and was rock hard. Jenny was lying on her back so I reached over and grabbed the vibrator and went to work on her pussy whilst sucking on her tits with my mouth. Jenny began to stir and I then moved down to her pussy and began my morning feast. I held the vibrator against her clit and my tongue circled around her pussy lips. At this stage Jenny woke and said a good morning and told me to keep going. My tongue made its way down to Jenny’s arse and I rimmed her arsehole which sent her crazy.

Now we were both awake I moved up and inserted my bare cock into Jenny’s pussy and moved up and gave her a good morning kiss. She placed one hand on my head and kissed me deeply and the other on my arse and pulled me deep into her. Jenny broke the kiss and said she was so horny and told me to fuck her hard. So I respected her demands and started to pump deep, hard and steadily in Jenny’s pussy. Jenny was meeting my thrusts and almost screaming and then in quick time Jenny came. With the contraction of her pussy muscles on my cock and the heat her pussy was radiating I didn’t last much longer. I buried myself and unloaded my first load of cum into Jenny for the day.

Jenny unwrapped her legs from me and told me she was still horny, so I went back down and ate Jenny’s cum filled pussy. My cum was leaking out as my mouth went to work nibbling and sucking on her clit whilst inserting a finger into her arse. Jenny was bucking her body and moaning really loudly and her pussy was throbbing. I then stopped working my finger in her arse and shoved three fingers into her pussy and moved up and began to suck on her nipples. Jenny was becoming more vocal and grabbed my head, pulled it up to hers and kissed me deeply. Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouth for a few minutes, when Jenny broke the kiss and told me to get back to eating her pussy. I went back to my breakfast and wrapped my arms under her legs to expose her wonderful pussy. Jenny grabbed hold of the back of my head and forced it into her pussy and started to fuck my face. Soon enough Jenny was approaching orgasm. She slammed her pussy into my face and came very loudly. As she came her pussy gushed a little and tasted very sweet. When she calmed down we kissed and Jenny commented on how good her pussy tasted mixed with my cum.

We went and showered and washed each other down. There was plenty of cuddling and kissing before we finished and dried off. Jenny put on a thong and t-shirt and I just got dressed in my shorts. What a sight every time Jenny bent over all I saw was her lovely arse covered thong. With a coffee in hand we watched TV on the lounge and chatted. Jenny told me the main reason why she and I hadn’t been having sex the last few months was that she was trying to reconnect sexually with her husband. It started initially well but soon ended and he hadn’t had sex with her in over six weeks. I told Jenny I knew where she was coming from as my wife and I have been on and off as well. Jenny told me she had no intentions of us sleeping together last night, but when I started to massage her feet she had become highly aroused very quickly and just needed some sex with passion and she wanted me there and then. I told her I was secretly hoping something was going to happen as I had missed our romantic meetings.

A few hours flew by rather quickly and Jenny lent over and started to play with my cock. Jenny stood up removed her shirt and my shorts and proceeded to give me a blow job. As soon as I was hard Jenny put my cock between her tits, squeezed them together and tit fucked me. As she was doing this she was licking the end of my knob. The feeling was awesome and the only better feeling I had ever experienced was Jenny pussy. After about fifteen minutes of this hot action my orgasm was rapidly approaching. I told Jenny I was about to cum the she let go of her tits and deep throated me and worked my cock until I was cumming. I held onto Jenny’s head while I filled her mouth with cum. Jenny moved up and we kissed very deeply. I could taste my cum in Jenny’s mouth which was a strange experience. We then decided it was time for lunch. Jenny made lunch in just her thong which was a sight to behold - wow.

We spent the afternoon like the morning just chatting and cuddling watching movies. It was after dinner when things heated up again. Jenny asked me to stay the night even though she was working in the morning. We went to bed and started the foreplay. Jenny climbed on top and shoved her pussy into my face and my cock went into her mouth. Jenny was first to cum and again her pussy juice coated my face. She then spun around and mounted my hard cock.

I sat up and we kissed and at the same time Jenny wrapped her legs around me. We slowly rocked back and forth and I moved my attention to her breasts by sucking and biting on her nipples. We continued like this for a few minutes until Jenny removed her legs and pushed me down onto my back. She then removed my cock from her pussy and spun around facing away. Jenny then grabbed my cock and slipped it into her arse and proceeded to move up and down. At the same time her hand went to her pussy and she was furiously rubbing her clit. I placed my hands on her arse and met her thrusts. Jenny started to move faster and told me harder as we were both approaching orgasm. I told Jenny I was close to cumming and Jenny told me to cum in her arse. Jenny came first and as she did I followed straight away, holding her arse and cumming deep in it. Jenny rolled off and suggested we shower. After another kissing, fondling and cuddling session in the shower we went to sleep.

I woke to Jenny’s warm mouth on my cock. As I stirred I asked Jenny what time it was and she told me it was six o’clock and we had an hour before she needed to leave for work. I grabbed the back of Jenny’s head and fucked her mouth. After only a few minutes I removed Jenny’s head from my cock and told her to bend over. I entered her from behind and Jenny’s pussy was already soaked. I grabbed her hips and started to pump her slowly but hard. Jenny was pushing back and told me to speed up and fuck her hard. Jenny told me she was cumming and then she screamed as her orgasm hit, her pussy throbbed and gushed. I could not believe how horny Jenny had been over the last few days and the best part of this was I got to satisfy her needs as she did mine.

I pulled out of Jenny and she rolled over and lay on her back. She pulled me on top of her and as I entered her we met with our mouths and kissed passionately. My rhythm went from steady to fast pretty soon. Jenny was yelling at me to fuck her and fill her pussy. This went on for over five minutes and I felt my impending orgasm approaching. Jenny sensing this wrapped my legs around my back trapping me in her pussy and at the same time vigorously thrusting her hips to meet mine. We kissed as I buried myself deep in Jenny’s pussy and unloaded cumming in it again.

We lay kissing for some time before Jenny told me she needed to go to work. I expected Jenny to hop in the shower but in one final surprise she got dressed. When I asked why she told me she wanted to feel my cum in her as long as possible. I got dressed as well and Jenny dropped me off at home on the way to work. The final count of our latest romp was one load in Jenny’s mouth, one load in her arse and four loads in her unprotected pussy. Over those two nights and one day we both experienced the most passionate and wonderful sex of all our time together.